Riverdale Season 7: Everything You Need to Know

Riverdale Season 7

Talk about teen dramas, and the mention of Riverdale is a must.

This show from The CW debuted in 2017. It is based on the Archie Comics characters. When first introduced, the series gained massive popularity among the audience. They showered all the love on it, which prompted the makers to run this show for six seasons. Recently, the makers announced that the show is officially ending. The CW announced that the upcoming seventh season would be the final run for the popular series. The show’s massive fanbase multiplied even more through its presence on worldwide.

This bonkers series has given the audience many moments of adventure, mystery, , and whatnot. When the fans came to know about the finale announcement made by the channel, they felt disappointed.

The last time we watched this series, it wrapped its sixth season. All these seasons for Riverdale have been nothing less than a crazy adventure. The season opened with a five-episode event set in an alternate dimension called Riverdale. It further revealed many zany elements, including that of all the major characters – Archie Andrews, Jughead, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, and Cheryl Blossom, who had developed superpowers.

The rivalry of the gang with the dastardly Percival Pickens sets the stage for a dramatic season six finale in which the comet threatens to wipe out Riverdale.

Here’s everything to know about the seventh season of the show.

Is Riverdale Season 7 the Finale Season?

Is Riverdale Season 7 the Finale Season?

It was announced a year ago that the series would officially be back for the seventh season. But unfortunately, it will be the last time we will be following the story and seeing all its characters on screen.

The is not very surprising for the fans as during season 4, one of the actors, KJ Apa, revealed that the four leads have signed on for ‘the next three years’, meaning their contracts will end with season 7.

Even though the network has ultimately canceled many of its veteran series, Mark Pedowitz stated he believed in giving a proper send-off to the long-running show.

When will Season 7 of Riverdale be Released?

The first episode of the first season of the show was aired on the 26th of January, 2017, and over the next few years, the series aired over 110 episodes. Its sixth season was renewed in February 2021 and premiered globally on the 16th of November 2021.

The series was renewed for a seventh season in March 2022. According to reports, it may take a bit longer for the finale season to appear on the TV screen. It is speculated that the finale will be aired sometime in 2023. However, no specific date by the network or directors has been revealed.

Know the Cast of Season 7

While no full confirmation of the next season has been given by the makers, it is expected that all the central characters from last season will return. The fans cannot wait to see the following faces back on screen.

  • KJ Apa as Archibald ‘Archie’ Andrews
  • Lili Reinhart as Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Cooper
  • Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge
  • Cole Sprouse as Forsythe Pendleton ‘Jughead’ Jones III
  • Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl Blossom
  • Casey Cott as Kevin Keller
  • Charles Melton as Reginald ‘Reggie’ Mantle
  • Vanessa Morgan as Antoinette ‘Toni’ Topaz
  • Drew Ray Tanner as Fangs Fogarty
  • Madchen Amick as Alice Smith
  • Erin Westbrook as Tabitha Tate

Besides these characters, Kiernan Shipka, who recently reprised her role as Sabrina from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina for a crossover, has also hinted that she may return for another guest appearance in the upcoming season.

She stated, “Yeah, she has to come back. I think they’re gonna need her help again. For entertainment’s sake, I would say they should lean into the chaos – no pun intended, as much as they can and work hard and have faith that it’s all gonna work out, but at the end of the day, just truly probably call Sabrina again. I think they’re gonna need her, to be quite honest.”

What Happens in the Previous Season?

The fans and critics have called the sixth season one of the most ambitious seasons of the series, for it opened the show to various supernatural elements. 

A bomb explosion ends the fifth season, following which Archie and his friends discover they have gained mysterious superpowers. They also learn that the explosion caused a rift between Rivervale and Riverdale, allowing the former’s magic to seep into their town.

The crew works together to stop the powerful Percival Pickens from taking over the town and destroying it to exact revenge for the town’s ancestors. They put a stop to Percival, but he goes out swinging.

What is expected out of Season 7 of Riverdale?

What is expected out of Season 7 of Riverdale?

The drama in the show appears to be far from over. Hiram is likely dead for the time being. Meanwhile, Serpents and Ghoulies are poised for another turf war because of Archie. Trash Bag Killer has reappeared. As they have a dark relationship with Betty, the latter is likely to be the biggest threat for the rest of the season.

Will the Seventh Season Stay in 1955?

The finale of the previous season ended with Cheryl saving the world from a comet which somehow reverts the characters to teenagers. They are in 1955, and Jughead is the only character who remembers their real lives.

The show’s playwright, Aguirre-Sacasa, stated in an interview, “Riverdale is so divisive, but the thing everyone agrees on is whenever we see our characters in flashbacks, dream sequences, or whatever it may be in their 1950s iconic comic books outfits, everyone is delighted.”

Is there a Connection between Season 7 to Past Seasons?

He also assures that this move doesn’t make the seventh season an alternate universe and likened it to this year’s Riverdale arc.

“We’re going to hunker down, be in the ‘50s, and kind of deconstruct not just Archie Comics but what Riverdale has been and have it in dialogue with what think of as the Archie Comics. That said, it is not a clean break. It is very much in continuity with the first six seasons, kind of the same way that Riverdale ended up being in continuity with the rest of the seasons. Jughead remembers what happened the first six seasons; it is in question what other characters will remember. We are also using this as sort of an opportunity to do some fun resetting of the table a little bit of mixing and matching, adjusting backstories, and things like that, but it’s very much in keeping with what we have done the first six seasons.”

Why is Riverdale Ending?

Why is Riverdale Ending?

With the release of its fall schedule 2022, the network announced this show is coming to an end, following its renewal back in March.

The chairman and CEO of The CW Television, Mark Pedowitz, shared the news, “as a big believer in attempting to give series that have had long runs an appropriate sendoff.”

According to the showrunner, they will treat the show in the manner it deserves. At this point, everyone involved in the show, ranging from the cast to the executives, and even showrunners agreed to end the show. According to them, ending Riverdale with the seventh season seems to be the right call.

The cast has already admitted they are ready to move on from this teen drama. Many of its actors have confirmed it in multiple interviews.

Aguirre-Sacasa told the media that they are keeping specific details of the show under wraps.

We have got a few more episodes to air, and then I am really excited about Season 7. And though it is not what I originally imagined, it’s kind of perfect. It is totally surprising and yet completely inevitable, so I am really excited. But no, I am not gonna lie, I had an idea for where it was gonna end, and we were going there, but then when we were wrapping up Season 6 and having conversations about Season 7, a new idea came in that we are really excited about.”

Not only Riverdale, but The CW is axing other series, too, including Legacies, Charmed, and Dynasty.

Is the Cast Happy about Ending the Show?

After the confirmation of the final season of the show, Mendes took to her social media to offer a glimpse of what the fans await.

“One more season to deliver the ending you all deserve. So much love for all the fans who were here since day one and never left. Wouldn’t have made it this far without you.”

Seems like the cast is happy that the show is ending. 

The Reaction of Fans and Netizens to Riverdale coming to an End

When the news of Riverdale ending the show spread all over social media, it was divided. While the fans became teary-eyed for they will part ways with their favorite show, some said it was the right thing to do.

A few users believed that the show should have ended a lot earlier. Here are some of the responses from Twitter after the announcement.

“Thanks to everyone sending their condolences about Riverdale ending, I will survive, I promise, lmao.”

“Barchie deserve their happy ending in season 7! #Riverdale.”

“Ok to the people making jokes and celebrating Riverdale ending next year, please don’t do that shit. If you don’t like the show, that’s fine! But just remember it is some people’s comfort show. So just take a second to imagine YOUR comfort show ending before you say shit.”

Which was the Best Season of Riverdale?

Which was the Best Season of Riverdale?

When we talk about the best season of Riverdale, it has to be its first season.

Unfortunately, the upcoming seasons could not compete with the charm of the first season. The series took off so strongly that it created a massive fandom. Though it faced a lot of ridicule in many instances, Jughead’s ‘I’m a weirdo’ monologue being one of them, the overall presentation of the first season was up to the mark.

The makers wrote each character so strongly that it felt like an ensemble endeavor seeing them on screen. In the upcoming seasons, the makers failed to maintain the quality and did not keep up with the screen presence of each character as great as the first one. Given the shorter episode count, the mystery of Jason Blossom’s death was written very succinctly and did not go off into strange places to bide time until the end of the season.

The first season kept everything very straightforward. The critics applauded this quality of the show. The writers did not try to coerce more supernatural and spooky elements into their mysteries like floating babies, emerging aliens, or others.

In the first season, the viewers could see how all of the characters were intertwined and involved with each other’s lives. When season one debuted, the whole show was in the sweet spot, and all the aspects – story, tone, character, etc. were admirable. Sadly, the show did not continue like this. Only a few of the improvements were seen in the future seasons.

Which was the Worst Season of Riverdale?

The worst season of the show has to be its third season.

Many audiences and critics call season three a snoozefest. Even though there were two big mysteries in play with Edgar Evernever and Gargoyle King, the season fell very flat. With each episode, it took too many turns, thus hurting many beloved characters and putting the audience in wrath. Several members ended up joining the cult-like Fangs Fogarty and Kevin Keller, causing them to make decisions that eventually ruined them. For instance, the scene of Kevin and Fangs dragging Betty to get a lobotomy.

In the meantime, the second season shows Hiram Lodge’s too-long stay in the town. He throws Archie in jail, which leads to far more aggression and violence than expected. Archie is forced to participate in an underground fighting ring in the jail before dyeing his ginger hair, skipping down, and nearly mauling by a bear.

The season also highlighted Varchie romance and Veronica’s complicated relationship with her dad. It puts an even bigger strain on her as the men in her life continue to have it out for each other. To cut it short, the third season was nothing less than an utter mess. The only thing good about the whole season was the romances between Archie and Josie McCoy and between Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topaz.

How Did the Audience Receive the Sixth Season?

How Did the Audience Receive the Sixth Season?

The sixth season of the show premiered in November 2021. It opens up with the residents of Rivervale settling into new roles after the events carried out in the fifth season. The reception of this season was warm. It came like a gush of fresh air for the audience, who were still struggling to watch the previous disastrous seasons. It left the audience more satisfied than others.

There were many memorable episodes in the season. One of them includes Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen: Return to Rivervale. Some of the most memorable moments of the sixth season include the entry of the devil into Rivervale and when Cheryl attempts to reverse a curse. Another notable moment is when Betty turns to Jughead for help uncovering her repressed memories of her dad.

The Best Characters on the Show

The audience loves the below-listed characters to their heart’s content.

Archie Andrews

Archie Andrews may be a flawed boy, but despite it, he is one of the most selfless people on the show. He may get on your nerves many times, but do not forget, he is just a 17-year-old boy. His quality is that he can do anything to help anyone, even if they are not friends with him. Archie saved Cheryl’s life. He is a human embodiment of a Gryffindor.

Betty Cooper

Betty Cooper is another loved character on the show. Without Betty, imagining Riverdale would be impossible. She has helped the group in many missions. No one could have discovered the USB stick with the CCTV footage of Jason’s murder without her. She helped Cheryl escape Thornhill. Without Betty, Black Hood would still be at large, and FP would still be in jail.

Like Archie, Betty is also a selfless character. She is fierce and stands up for what she believes in. She tries hard to make Riverdale a better place.

Cheryl Blossom

Undoubtedly, Cheryl Blossom remains one of the best characters on the show. You will never spot her without her bold red lips. She always brings the fire. Cheryl doesn’t take a shit and wouldn’t stand for you if you are not right. She also can end you in one fell swoop with her witty lines.

Although Cheryl may appear sassy and aesthetic to many audiences, there is more to her character. She is not just a one-dimension clap-back generator. Beyond her personality, Cheryl is an incredibly vulnerable person. Throughout the show, she looks for a place to belong. In the past few seasons, we see her go from a foil to the core four to a vital part of the squad and now a powerhouse who stands in her own light.

Cheryl has gone from living under Penelope’s thumb and seeking her approval to not giving a damn. Another notable thing about her character is that she also embraces her sexuality, something she was made to feel ashamed of in the past.

Veronica Lodge

Another favorite character for many audiences has to be Veronica Lodge. On paper, she may be a disaster. Veronica is a rich spoiled brat from the city. She loves her life of pearls, diamonds, brands, good food – in short, every piece of luxury she could have, all of which are expensed at her dad’s card, of course!

But if you look at her character development over the past few seasons, you will agree that she has come a long way in the show. Veronica has cemented herself as a key player in Riverdale. You will also see her going single-handedly in saving the town. She is a smart and brainy girl, brave enough to stand up against her morally corrupt father. Veronica is one step ahead of every scheme. We guess it is what makes her popular among all. She is a successful businesswoman who is always the first in line to fight for herself and her friends.

Veronica is the savior of the town and more qualified to be the Mayor than anyone. Fans love her and how.

Kevin Keller

If there is one friend that we all deserve, it has to be Kevin Keller. He is a thoughtful, kind, and loyal boy. You will also find him funny and intelligent. Kevin is the go-to person for everyone in the group when it comes to seeking advice. He delivers all the witty lines with finesse and expertise, and it is what all the fans love about him.

Life would be better if we all have somebody like Kevin in real life.

Jughead Jones

Another loved character on the season is Jughead Jones. Over the seasons, he has gone from strength to strength. He matured so gracefully, thus finally stepping into his own light. The Jughead you see today on the show is the same Jug from the first season who would haul his ass to Greendale with Penny Peabody in tow, skin her, and leave her in the dust.

Jughead is also a vital part of the group, as, without him, Archie would probably be dead, and several murder investigations would still be ongoing. He deserves all the attention and love on the show.

Things that You Didn’t Know About Riverdale

Things that You Didn't Know About Riverdale

Here are some little-known facts, things, and trivia about Riverdale.

The Show is Based on Comics and Gives a Similar Feel to Another Show

Riverdale is based on a popular series of comics, Archie, which has been around since 1939. It has been over 80 years since the comics were released. Thus, if you ever get old-school vibes while watching the show, know that it is based on vintage comics.

At the same time, it will give you a similar feel to The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It is because the latter is also a part of Archie comics. Thus, you will occasionally hear them mentioning Riverdale in the show. Although there has not been an actual crossover, Chance Perdomo, who plays Ambrose, originally auditioned for Riverdale.

The Series was Almost a Movie

Before it debuted on the TV screen and became a successful show, the creators planned to release Riverdale as a movie. It would have been a movie with a time travel theme. The decision to release it as a series was a last moment event. 

Archie is Not a Redhead in Real Life

One of the main characters in the show, Archie, is seen flaunting his red mane throughout the series. But do you know the redhead is the magic of the dye? The actor, KJ Apa, who plays Archie, is a brunette. On the other hand, Madelaine Petsch is a real redhead in the show.

When KJ Apa broke his Hand While Shooting

It is common to meet accidents and mishaps on the sets of and TV shows, and the same happened with Archie. While filming the scene where Archie saves Cheryl from drowning, he breaks the frozen ice to get her. The actor got so much into his role that he broke his hand while filming the same. It causes him some real damage. But we appreciate his dedication to the role.

The Series is Filmed in Vancouver

The whole series is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. However, the few cast members of Riverdale think it is set in upstate New York or New England. It would explain the woodlands, moody weather, and the small-town feel this show offers.

You Might see a Spinoff of the Series

Like Marvel, the Archie Comics television universe also seems to be expanding. Recently, it added the story of Katy Keene to its world. It is a new show that will follow Katy Keene, an amateur fashionista, and her friends. Together, they try to make it big in the city that never sleeps. Lucy Hale will be playing the lead character.

The Dark Pop Culture Inspirations of Riverdale

You may agree with this. Riverdale seeks a lot of inspiration from the dark pop culture. Every episode has been titled after a novel, show, or film that inspired the series. The makers have also made it a point to make heavily pointed references to those inspirations in the show itself. Some of the names from which the show seeks inspiration include Twin Peaks, Stand by Me, Brick, and Blue Velvet.

Riverdale is in Rockland County, New York

Although the entire shooting of the series is carried out in Vancouver BC, a fan on Reddit has highlighted Riverdale is supposed to be geographically situated in the state of New York.

The Different Theories of the Cast About the Plot

The cast was as oblivious as the audience while filming the first season. They did not know who killed Jason. Thus, they had theories of their own. According to Cole Sprouse, it was Jughead, and KJ Apa backed his story. On the other hand, Madelaine Petsch thought it was Cheryl.

The makers truly burst their bubble, and they realized they were all wrong.

Cole and Camila Attended their College Together

The two actors of the series, Camila Mendes and Cole Sprouse, attended college together. The stars studied acting at New York University at the same time. Interestingly, they were not very friendly in college as they are today.

Camila Mendes Suffers from Eating Disorders

You see Veronica Lodge having many problems on the show, and the actress who portrays her also suffers from some in real life. 

According to Camila Mendes, she has an eating disorder. The actress took her Instagram handle and shared it with all her fans.

“I can say from experience that eating disorders are serious mental illnesses. Growing up, I watched my big sister suffer from one for many years, and I have experienced periods in my life when I have suffered from the symptoms as well. I am joining Project HEAL to help break the stigma associated with eating disorders. I will be auctioning off a day to join her and the cast of Riverdale to raise money for the non-profit organization.”

Two Actors in the Show are Dating in Real Life

Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper make a cute on-screen couple on the show. Do you know they are even better off-screen?

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse are dating each other in real life. The two are vocal about their relationship. They are often seen spending a good time with each other.

Controversies Surrounding Riverdale

Controversies Surrounding Riverdale

The show and his characters have also been a part of a few controversies. Let’s take a look at them.

When Lili Reinhart Received Flak for Promoting Blackface

The fans weren’t impressed when they saw Lili posting a photo on Twitter announcing that she had found her costume for Halloween 2017.

Found my Halloween costume inspired by the color of my soul.” The picture showed a person dressed as a demon and painted everywhere in black, including her face. When fans pointed out that her post was offensive, the actress recognized the damage she caused and deleted the post right away.

When Cole Sprouse Freaked out as a Street Performer on the Sets

Sprouse plays an adorable and mild-tempered Jughead on the show. However, it turns out that he has quite the opposite temper off-screen. Video footage surfaced on the internet that featured a heated exchange of the actor with a Vancouver street performer. The production of the show evidently had to shut down after the entertainer kept interrupting it with his performance.

Where can I Watch Riverdale?

While the makers have not announced a particular release date for the show, you can stream all the previous episodes of Riverdale and refresh the story again. You can stream the episodes on Netflix. Other than Netflix, you can also stream the show on fuboTV.

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