Re:Zero Season 3: Renewal Status and Release Date Details

Re:Zero Season 3: Status and Release Date Details

As a genre, Isekai has come a long way. Whether it is its creations or fan base, Isekai has successfully established its own mark in the world of . This genre began with the release of Spirited Away. Over time, it became more prominent by introducing some sought-after gems, like That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Smile, Sword Art Online, No Game No Life, and Re:Zero.

Amongst all the above-mentioned bangers, Re:Zero became the most popular. It stood out and appealed to everyone, even to those who did not like this genre in the first place. Watching Re: Zero was an enthralling experience for the viewers. According to them, this show displayed the potential of the Isekai genre.

Re:Zero Season 3

In no time, Re:Zero has become the favorite of many. The show has released its two seasons, successfully welcomed by the viewers. At present, all eyes are on the updates of the third season.

So will the makers release the third season of this celebrated Isekai show? Let us know the details.

Re:Zero – The Best of Isekai

Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World is a successful adaptation of the light novel series written by Tappei Nagatsuki. The novel is illustrated by Shin’ichiro Otsuka and is sold by the same name. The credit for presenting this novel on the silver screen goes to the director, Masaharu Watanbe. It is animated by White Fox.

Re:Zero Season 3

The series focuses on Subaru Natsuki. He is a teenager who is suddenly transported to an alternate fantasy world. You will see the average plot of this Isekai subverting when Subaru discovers that he has a special ability or power ‘Return by Death’. He can return to a previously randomly determined point in time upon death. Subaru uses this ability to overcome various conflicts.

What Do We Know About Re:Zero Story so Far?

The second season of the show was released earlier this year.

The finale focused on Subaru, Emilia, and Beatrice. The trio faced a horde of rabbits, which Subaru and Beatrice managed to successfully defeat by combining their incredible powers. Using her alternate dimension spell, Beatrice managed to save the Sanctuary from threat.

Subaru got knighted, and we see Roswaal paying for his crime. Subaru vowed to protect Emilia from the enemies, which led the sparks of love to fly between the two.

When will Re:Zero Season 3 Hit the Screen?

Currently, no official announcement of the release of season 3 has been made by the makers, and the fans are still hoping to hear a word from them.

The previous season of the show was released in two parts. There had been a delay in making the series because of the Covid-19 pandemic. As of now, it is hard to predict when the producers will release it.

Re:Zero Season 3

In the meantime, Sho Tanaka, one of the producers of the series has alluded to the possibility of the third season. During an interview, he said,

“I am confident you will all be clamoring for a third season once you have finished watching this season. Please look forward to it.”

According to a few sources, the third season will be arriving as late as 2025. It appears Re: Zero is giving a hard time to its fans, and they need to wait a little longer to see their favorite characters on screen.

The Cast of Re:Zero Season 3

After a word from the producer of the series, the fans have finally breathed a sigh of relief. Now that the third season will happen, it is assumed that the series will retain a good portion of its original cast.

Subaru will be voiced by Yusuke Kobayashi in Japanese and Sean Chiplock in English.

Likewise, the original voice actors for the supporting cast are also expected to make a return in the third season, including Emilia (Rie Takahashi and Kayli Mills), Ram (Rie Murakawa and Ryan Bartley), and Rem (Inori Minase and Brianna Knickerbocker).

Besides this, fans are also expected to see some new characters and hear new voices in the show.

What Plot will Season 3 Follow?

The second season of the series only covered up to Arc 4 of the novel. Thus, there is plenty that Re: Zero left for White Fox to adopt into the series.

Subaru and Emilia were the focus of the most recent story arc. You can expect them to continue performing adventures in the third season too. Subaru and his allies fight to unite the Royal Electoral Camps in Watergate City to defeat the Witch Cultists who have taken control. Fans presume that the story will pick up from here.

Re:Zero Season 3

The third season will also include many elements of the original story that has come to define Re: Zero. The tradition of brutality and psychological torture may continue after Subaru’s ability to return from the dead has proven to be both a curse and blessing.

Besides this, the third season may feature the arrival of Princess Anastasia from Watergate City’s Priestella. Subaru may join the political world to give Emilia the throne she deserves. As we were already greeted with the love angle between the two, expect some cute and mushy moments between them.

The source material of this series is in its seventh arc. So far, the series has been faithful to its source material. We do not know if the makers would like to divert the storyline to gather the audience’s attention or make it more interesting.

Little-Known Facts about Re: Zero

  • According to the author, Subaru’s birthday is on April 1, and his birth flower is a Gypsophila Elegans or annual baby’s breath. This flower is an iconic symbol of long-lasting love, representing pureness and freedom from outside influences or corruption.
  • Subaru’s Japanese voice actor is Kobayashi Yusuke. Interestingly, he has also voiced Su-won from Akatsuki no Yona, Arslan from Arslan Senki, and Takamiya Honoka from Witch Craft Works.
  • Re: Zero was originally intended to do a single cour over the two that its first season ended up with. It was the result of the golden standard for adapting a light novel to an anime, which is about three to four volumes per hour. 

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