Radio Movie Cast

radio movie cast

The movie , released in 2003, features an incredible cast of talented actors who bring the story to life. The film stars Cuba Gooding Jr. as the titular character, Radio, a mentally challenged young man who becomes the inspiration for a high school football team and their coach, played by Ed Harris.

Other notable cast members include Alfre Woodard as Principal Daniels, S. Epatha Merkerson as Maggie, Brent Sexton as Honeycutt, and Chris Mulkey as Frank. Each actor delivers a powerful performance, adding depth and emotion to the story.

Sarah Drew portrays Mary Helen, a student who befriends Radio and helps him navigate the challenges of high school. Riley Smith plays Johnny, a football player who initially bullies Radio but eventually becomes his friend. Patrick Breen takes on the role of Tucker, a teacher who supports Radio’s inclusion in the school.

Debra Winger portrays Linda, Radio’s mother, who struggles with her son’s independence and the impact he has on their small town. The cast also includes Bill Roberson as Del, Kenneth H. Callender as Don, and Michael Harding as Irv the Cop.

Charles Garren, Rebecca Koon, Hi Bedford Roberson, and Michael Kroeker round out the cast, each bringing their own unique talents to the film. Mark Robert Ellis appears as a football referee, while Shelley Reid plays Cop #2.

Evan Aldrich portrays Danny, a student who befriends Radio and helps him navigate the challenges of high school. Megan Coffman plays Melodee, a cheerleader who supports Radio and the football team. Benjamin L. Peters Jr. appears as a hallway kid, while Leonard Wheeler takes on the role of a hoop referee.

Therond Justin Adams, Othello Coleman III, and Bert Beatson portray various basketball players, adding authenticity to the scenes. Ty O’Farrell appears as Ron Wilborn, Dorothy McDowell as Patricia Ann Yearwood, and Jim Gooden as a teacher.

Joseph E.G. Barrett plays an autograph kid, while Deborah McTeer appears as Linda’s friend. Jamie Murdaugh and Eugene Cryer Jr. also have small roles in the film. William E. Lykes appears as an assistant coach, and Tammy Arnold plays a woman in the stands.

The movie Radio also features a cameo appearance by the real-life Radio, James Robert ‘Radio’ Kennedy, who inspired the film. Harold Jones, the coach who befriended and mentored Radio, also appears as himself. Mike Anthony, another member of the real-life football team, makes a cameo as well.

The cast of Radio is truly exceptional, with each actor bringing their own unique talents to the film. Their performances elevate the story and make it a memorable and inspiring experience for audiences.

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