One Punch Man Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

One Punch Man Season 3

One Punch Man became a hit sensation among lovers of the genre after its global release on . But unfortunately, the second season’s final episode aired more than two years ago. So, since July 2019 cliffhanger final, fans are eagerly waiting to see what next challenges Saitama needs to face. But there is no update on One Punch Man season 3 till now!

Well, we are here to help you know all the minute details. We are going to offer you all the details related to the One Punch Man season 3, including its probable release date, cast etc.

One Punch man lovers, please beware! You may get some spoilers here (ahem, ahem!). But, as we always say, take the spoilers with a dash of salt!

So, without much ado, let’s dive into everything interesting about the One Punch Man season 3.

A little pre-cap

The anime follows the life events of Saitama, a self-taught hero. Saitama trained for three years diligently and got the power to kill anyone with just one Punch. He is a superhero of the Z city, a second-grade city. Since he is powerful, Saitama becomes depressed as he does not face tough challenges. But, his life changed as he became a reluctant mentor of Genos, a cyborg.

Together they join the Hero Association. While Genos gets the S rank, Saitama gets the C rank. Unfortunately, Saitama’s heroic feats are ignored by even after he rescues the world from an asteroid collision.

In the second season, the Hero Association faces a continuous attack from monsters. The heroes discover that the Monster association is sending those monsters to attack the humans. On top of that, heroes find that something strange is happening inside a ghost building of Z city, Saitama’s home town.

It is later revealed that Garou, a discipline of Hero Bang, is behind everything. So he becomes Hero Hunter and decides to hunt and kill all the heroes due to his childhood bullying and trauma.

As a swarm of monsters start to attack the Z city and A city, multiple S-class heroes are deployed to face the monsters. But, they are no match and get defeated. In the ninth episode, Saitama finally decides to take action. The hero Shubabawa dies, predicting a danger that may occur in the next six months.

The alien spaceship with monsters is stationed in Z city, and the Hero Association decides to destroy the Z city. Saitama decides to take action. He crashes the ship and kills most monsters. But, an alien escapes and attacks the S- class heroes stationed at the A city.

The final episode was an epic showdown between Saitama and Lord Boros, the head of the aliens. The heroes are busy in battle with the ender centipede.

King, the hero, finally calls Saitama for help when the heroes cannot kill the elder centipede. Saitama kills the alien, and the centipede’s body starts to disintegrate. Saitama tells others that he feels relieved after being able to throw Punches. While his disciple Genos thanks him, Saitama suggests going home for some rest.

But, the cliffhanger remains- what is the threat of “God” that was predicted? What will happen after this showdown? Will Saitama be able to counter the threat? Well, fans eagerly wait for the One Punch man third season to know what happens next.

Is the talk for One Punch Man season 3 going on?

Well, the series is going to happen for a season. The one Punch Man manga creator Yusuke Murata already indirectly confirmed the One Punch Man season 3 in his tweet. But, he said that the season 3 and latest manga chapters may be delayed a little due to technical issues. But, the anime creator and writer Tomohiro Suzuki is yet to make any confirmation.

The manga and webtoon have nearly 168 chapters till now. The Second season is only adapted till chapter 84. Hence, there will be enough source material for the third season. That means we will be getting the third season soon.

One Punch man season 3 release date

Well, till now, the studio J.C. Staff, which produced the second studio, did not disclose any particular release date. Some fans speculate that season 3 may premiere in September 2022. But, there is still no confirmation for that.

If you check out the release of previous seasons, there were three years of gap between these two. The first season premiered in 2015 and the second season premiered in early 2019. Hence, the third season may premiere in late 2022 or early 2023.

But, due to Covid, many animation projects have been delayed. Generally, a twelve to thirteen-episode anime season requires two to three years to complete.

We also heard about Studio Mappa taking the mantle for season 3. But, nothing is confirmed officially, and it seems that the C.J. Staff will continue producing it.

One Punch man season 3 storyline

 The One Punch Man or Wanpunman anime is based on the manga and webtoon of the same name. It is a somewhat serious version of the children’s anime Anpanman. After all, the similarities between the two anime protagonists are quite head-on (sorry bald on)!

Well, till now, the anime series has followed the manga and webtoon. This is because there has been no filler episode till now. Hence, it can be assumed that the third season will also follow the manga storyline.

Suppose the studios and makers follow the patterns for the previous two seasons. In that case, the anime may adapt the manga chapters up to 130 or 140, depending on the initial episode list.

Here are the spoilers! The third season will see Saitama stand up against the big enemy or the “God” that the seer Subabawa predicted. This season will also have epic battles, with most of the S-class heroes taking part in that.

If the story remains faithful to the manga, there can also be an event of time travel where our protagonist takes the turn of time to save the super continental Earth from destruction. This season may also have moments where Saitama finally starts to receive recognition for his effort!

The main battles will be between the Hero Association and the Monster Association. Z city and A city will become battlegrounds, and fans will see loads of rescue attempts and good vs evil fights.

After all, we all want our wanpunnman to finally get what he deserves. So, best cheers for Saitama and the gang!

In the case of the story style, it may have some serious moments, deadpan comedies and interesting Punch lines between the gripping storyline!

One Punch Man season 3 Cast

 As it seems, most of the usual cast will continue their stint as voice actors even in the third season. But, new artists may join and new heroes and villains.

Till now, the fowling voice actors are sure to return for the next season-

  • Saitama- Makoto Furukawa (Japanese), Max Mittleman(English)
  • Genos-Kaito Ishikawa (Japanese), Zach Aguilar (English)
  • Eyelashes- Yoshiaki Hasegawa (Japanese), Sean Chiplock(English)
  • Commentator- Hiromichi Tezuka
  • Garou-Hiraku Midorikawa(Japanese), Greg Chun(English), Ayumi Mano as Young Garou in Japanese
  • All Back-Man- Hiromichi Tezuka(Japanese), Bill Rogers(English)
  • Atomic Samurai-Kenjirou Tsuda(Japanese), Kyle Herbert(English)
  • Bang- Kazuhiro Yamaji(Japanese), John DeMita(English)
  • Battery Man-Hiromichi Tezuka(Japanese)
  • Bearded Worker- Shouta Yamamoto (Japanese), Marc Diraison(English)
  • Beast King- Jirou Saitou (Japanese), Paul St. Peter (English)
  • Bespectacled Worker- Youji Ueda (Japanese), Kyle Herbert(English)
  • Boy- Tesshou Genda(Japanese), Jamieson Price(English)

One Punch Man season 3 trailer

A trailer for season 3 has been released recently. So naturally, Reddit and Twitter went abuzz with that. But, since nothing is confirmed, it is better to wait and watch!

One Punch Man streaming

One Punch Man is streaming on different streaming platforms. You can watch the English version on Netflix. Besides that, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and JustWatch are also streaming the two seasons of One Punch Man. Amazon Prime Video is also streaming the One Punch Man season 1.
Besides the original Japanese version, One Punch Man is also available in English, Portuguese, French, and other global languages. On top of that, you can also watch the subbed versions in English or other languages.

Final Words

Now, what we can do is to wait for the One Punch Man Season 3 release date. The makers may soon release some official statements about the release date. If anything comes in between, we will update you!

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