Mission Statement

The Z Review brings our changing cultural and political landscape, our zeitgeist, into perspective. Through our two offices in London and New York, our writers are committed to providing readers with the best possible daily news coverage along with a healthy dose of cultural criticism. Whether it’s through our quotidian reporting, hard-hitting editorials, biting satire or our entertainment reviews, our audience always receives a consistent, insightful, and unique account of where we are as a global society… and where we’re going next.

Breaking and Recent News

Every day, at the top of the page we report honestly on the breaking and recent news emerging around the world, with a hardline focus on the topics and issues which matter most.


In our Entertainment section, we feature in-depth music, movie, television, and literary reviews from a stable of great writers who are passionate about the arts and about communicating that passion to an audience. We also cover the latest in celebrity news, musical artists to watch out for and Broadway standouts.


Now more than ever, people are interested in the political process. They need a news source that will speak truth to power. Our political coverage is delivered with a strong, coherent and consistent voice. We are not beholden to any side. Every day, we call it as we see it, with energy, intellect and occasional good humor.


We take readers beyond the surface of the news of the day and offer up our personal analysis. What is at the heart of it all? We connect the dots and draw our conclusions. Whether it’s about race in America, our political system, gender, LGBTQ…we pull no punches – and above all else we aim to provoke a conversation..


Through our Lifestyle section we open up our audience to new opinions and ideas on sex, relationships, beauty, romance, fashion and more. We believe it is only by sharing our unique perspectives, that we can truly gain a deeper understanding of one another.

Arts & Literature

In our Arts & Literature section we curate a selection of essays and fiction which explore the issues and ideas that make us laugh and cry, that bring us together and sometimes tear us apart.


And if all of that wasn’t enough, we’ve got more in our features section. Whether it’s our New York and London Stories… top ten lists (Z Lists)…recommendations (Z Recommends)…the hilarious quips and quotes we pick up on the street (Wit’s End)… our Daily crossword… or the Sex Files. We’ve got something for everyone to make you laugh, think and keep you entertained!

One thing we promise — we never leave anyone out! The Z Review is an inclusive arena which gathers people around the news, entertainment, and global concerns which deeply impact our lives every day….and we never talk down to our readers!

The media landscape is fragmenting and re-forming – and the sources are becoming more dubious. We are at the centre of things, pulling together themes, ideas, and trends to keep our audience in the loop. We are here to help our audience sort through the doubletalk, and hyperbole.

We are here every day….to entertain, inform, connect, engage and tap into the zeitgeist. For we are The Z Review.