High School DXD Season 5: Release Date and Everything We Know

High School DXD Season 5

The world of blesses us with some of the most fascinating shows. The more we watch them, the more we fall in love with the anime, their characters, the story, the screenplay, and whatnot! Anime is one of the best things that happened to the entertainment world, and the legacy continues.

The anime kingdom introduced an intriguing harem series, which interestingly involves angels and demons. Yes, you heard it right! This anime is called High School DxD, which has featured multiple seasons till now. Similar to others, this anime, too, is based on a series of light novels from the author Ichiei Ishibumi and artist Miyama-Zero. High School DxD manga debuted in 2008, and its anime braced the screens in 2012.

As per the IMDb rating, High School DxD stands at 7.6 out of 10. However, to be honest, these ratings do not even cover half of the hype that this show has created across the continents. The fans are fascinated by the darkness and other sides of the story.

As of now, the makers have presented its four seasons. Currently, the fans are waiting for word of the official release of the fifth season.

Here’s everything to know about High School DxD season 5 and when it will be released.

Is High School DxD Expected to Release this Year?

High School DXD Season 5

The fans can jump with joy because the fifth season is coming real soon.

According to sources, High School DxD is likely to be released in October 2022. The show is one of the most trending series right now, and many social media platforms often discuss its upcoming plot, release date, and other details.

The gripping plot of this anime can be attributed as one main cause why this series has managed to gain such fame!

What is the Plot of High School DxD?

High School DXD Season 5

High School DxD is a celebrated anime series. It draws its reference from the well-known light novel and focuses on the life incidents and challenges that a high school student, Issei Hyodo, faces throughout the story.

The anime is a fantastic mix of comedy and supernatural . The author of the manga has mixed both entirely discreet genres so well, and the director, Tetsuya Yanagisawa, has presented it brilliantly in the form of anime.

The first ever episode of the season premiered on the 6th of January, 2012, and ran till the 23rd of March, 2012. The most recent season of the anime was its fourth installment. It aired from the 10th of April to the 3rd of July, 2018.

It was aired on various platforms in different countries and received enormous love and admiration from anime lovers. The fans are eagerly waiting for the fifth season of the anime.

Who Will be Seen in the Fifth Season of the Anime?

High School DXD Season 5

Although not much information about the fifth season is available, some sources suggest that the voice-over cast for the fifth season will be the same as in the previous seasons. You can expect the following characters and listen to the below-listed voices.

  • Issei Hyoudou (protagonist) – Yuki Kaji
  • Rias Gremory – Yoko Hikasa
  • Akeno Himejima – Shizuka Ito
  • Asia Argento – Azumi Asakura
  • Koneko Toujou – Ayana Taketatsu
  • Kiba – Seaon O’Connor
  • Koneko – Jad Saxton
  • Yuto Kiba – Kenji Nojima
  • Ddraig – Fumihiki Tachiki and Christopher Sabat
  • Xenovia – Risa Taneda and Lauren Landa
  • Azazel – Rikiya Koyama and Phil Parsons
  • Irina Shido – Maaya Uchida

What Plot will the Fifth Season Have?

High School DXD Season 5

As of now, no official storyline summary of the fifth season has been revealed. However, according to some sources, the anime series will follow in the footsteps of the light book series regarding its story progression.

The previous season (season 4) was based on volumes 9 and 10 of the manga. The audience saw Issei and Sairon squaring off, which amplified the action to the next level. There was also a remarkable and significant power-up for his Scale Mail that Issei used in this scene, The Cardinal Crimson Promotion.

In the fourth season-ending episode, the audience witnessed the kissing scene between Issei and Rias. After all, it was one of the most long-awaited moments for the fans. Season 4 was nothing lesser than a roller coaster. But everything concluded on a good note.

It is anticipated that the upcoming season will include volumes 11 and 12 in its storyline. It means Issei will have to be tested. He will have to compete in the examination for his promotion to the middle class. And if he passes the test successfully, he will be placed in a ranking somewhat above low-class.

At the same time, you will also see many other troubles unfolding in the fifth season of the show, revolving around the protagonist. Issei may also have to go through a battle to understand the relationship between him and Rias.

Wait for Some More Fun

High School DXD Season 5

It is speculated that the fifth season will be more engaging and fun to watch. The season will focus more on Issei, and the fans may also see how he becomes more powerful in the next season.


Because a part of Issei’s soul has become the devil itself.

The fans cannot wait for enough!

Third Season of High School DxD Wasn’t Welcomed Well

The first season of the anime was like a breath of fresh air that received immense love from the fans and admiration from the critics. The second season, too, had a good reception. But, we cannot say the same for the third season.

The first two seasons covered only four light novel volumes. It was quite significant as some bad anime adaptations will take an entire novel and squeeze the story down into a single episode. The third season of the anime was created by anime studio TNK. However, they did not put their best foot forward in doing so.

The studio tried squeezing all three books into a single season. Moreover, light novel fans were highly angered because the ending did not follow the light novel at all! According to the critics, the third season of the anime rearranged the presentation of the story by pulling elements from the later volumes of the novel.

High School DxD season 3 covered the remaining parts of the Birth of the Breast Dragon Emperor story arc in addition to the opening of the Heroic Dragon Oppai arc from Volume 7. Not only this, episodes 9-12 changed the plot entirely, destroying the Kuoh Academy school building. It also had Issei fighting mind-controlled Rias. The incident with Loki was also not a part of the light novel.

When Makers Upped Their Sleeves and Tried to Fix the Blunder

Considering the negative reviews of the third season of the anime, the makers changed their production team. As a result, anime studio Passione took over the production of the fourth season.

Passione is a relatively new company known for its works like Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers and Citrus anime adaptation. Besides changing the art style of anime, Passione director Yoshifumi Sueda began the fourth season with Episode 0. It featured not only the ending of the third season but also included the last several BorN episodes out of existence.

The fourth season was also about the activation of Issei’s Juggernaut Drive and the defeat of Shalba Beelzebub. The new beginning created by the production bridged the gap and fixed the loopholes by following the story of the light novel.

Passione Studio Will be In Charge of the Production of Season 5

Season 4 fixed all the mistakes that Season 3 committed, and High School DxD received the love from its fans again. According to reports, the fifth season of the show, too, will be produced by the Passione Studio.

Reportedly, the previous production house, TNK, was dismissed due to the creative differences between the scriptwriter, studio writer, and original series writer. TNK messed up by switching the chronology of the source material. The studio stated it would make the anime better, but since they could not fit the material into the series, they decided to create an ending that suited the arc they had developed.

Unfortunately, it did not go well with the executives in charge. Thus, Passione Studio was brought in to salvage the situation. As far as the fifth season of the show is concerned, the audience has high hopes for the new production.

High School DxD – Characters to Watch out For

Here are the characters to watch out for in the previous and upcoming seasons of High School DxD.

Rias Gremory

Rias is one of the main characters of the anime. She comes from the house of Gremory. She is a top-class devil known as a genius nicknamed ‘Crimson Ruin Princess’. Rias is also a hot character on the show, famous among the male audience.

Akeno Himejima

Another main character in the anime is Akeno. She is a third-year student and one of the Two Great Onee-samas from Kuou Academy. She is often referred to as the ultimate Queen by the other members. Akeno was born to a human mother and a fallen angel father. After her mother succumbed to death, she became Rias’ servant.

Akeno is close to Rias. In private, she shares a congenial relationship with her. But in public, they like to keep it a master-servant relationship. Initially, she refuses to use the light power she received from her father. But after Issei persuades her, she starts doing so.

Issei Hyodo

Issei Hyodo is the protagonist of the series. His Sacred Gear is the Boosted Gear, one of the 13 Longinus where one of the Heavenly Dragons, Sekriyuutei Ddraig, the Red Dragon Emperor resides. It is said he has the power to kill Maous and God when he is completely overpowered.

Being a protagonist, Issei is one of the most powerful characters on the show. His Sacred Gear Abilities is to double his power every ten seconds with no limit. He also has a sub-ability to transfer his multiplied power to a being or object, which makes him great in support.

He can fire a beam of energy by concentrating his magical powers. He has termed it Dragon Shoot or Draconian Shot.

Great Red

Another powerful and notable character on the show is Great Red. He possesses unparalleled strength. In Volume 12, he lends Issei a part of his powers, which was enough for them to be able to destroy a part of the Underworld without a trace. Great Red is also stronger than two Heavenly Dragons. He can even shrug off the assault of a Dragon King or High-class devil.

Only Ophis, the Infinite God, and Trihexa, the Beast of the Apocalypse, can compete and equal him in power to the point where a clash with either would cause the world to end. Great Red also has an existence with the power of dreams. Thus, he can appear in ’s thoughts and control them.

Great Red can attack or protect dreams and alter reality to some degree by using this power. He is aware of all the dreams everyone has ever imagined, drawing power for them. He can also project people’s dreams onto others. Another power includes creating biological or artificial bodies from his own body for others to inhabit. The audience sees him doing the same with Issei. In short, Great Red is all sorts of power.


Ddraig is one of the Heavenly Dragons in the anime. He is blessed with tremendous powers. Before he was sealed in the Boosted Gear, he had far superior powers than the current Dragon Kings. He claims he can destroy the earth many times using his brute force.

Ddraig can multiply his own powers and transfer them to other people or objects. He can also penetrate through any protection. He has colossal wings to fly.


Hades is one of the strongest characters in the series. He is superior to Zeus, the leader of Greek mythology, and Poseidon, the God of the Sea. Azazel even told his students to avoid direct confrontation with him.


As an angel, more specifically as one of the four great seraphs. She can use light to produce several effects and is superior to other angels. As a seraph, Gabriel can form multiple weapons of light with ease. Gabriel is also one of the strongest angels in Heaven and possesses power equal to that of a Satan-class devil.

Why Should You Add High School DxD to your Watchlist?

Let’s all agree that High School DxD is a one-of-a-kind anime that brings everything under one roof – from devils to the underworld, fallen angels, and rating games. The show also mixes action with humor, presenting some hilarious occasional school-life moments to put the fans in splits. The two Dragon Emperors further amplify the storyline and add to the excitement of the audience.

If you haven’t watched the anime yet, there are several other reasons to convince you to add the series to your watchlist.

The Development of the Story

The development of the story of High School DxD is remarkable. The concept of Devils and Fallen Angles and Angles, the three most influential families in the Underworld, who rules what, what affects devils, and everything in between makes this series worth watching.

Throughout the show, the makers introduce many elements to keep you glued to the television screen. The story continues, things unfold, and more is revealed, and once it happens, everything starts making sense. The storyline is so well-developed and thought out, and the makers have adapted it to perfection (except for the loopholes in the third season).

The Engaging Plot

The plot of High School DxD is so engaging that it will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the series. The whole devil-and-dragon-and-supernatural element of this show is remarkable. At first, this anime may appear to be an ordinary ecchi/hentai or harem anime, but it is much more.

The series mixes supernatural, comedy, school life, and also some romance in it. The background of the characters in the manga was well-planned by the creators. The equal credit goes to the makers to execute it so well in the anime adaptation.

All the Action

You will not stop yourself from raving enough about the action in High School DxD. Following the raging hatred between Devils and Fallen Angels, there are many action elements in the show. You will also see some sad background involving more villains. And after all the chaos, the action sequences just get accelerated.

It is good to see how the story has dedicated a portion to the action while maintaining the humor, school fun, and regular life of the characters. Every character has played its part to perfection.

The Females of the Show

If you need another reason to watch this anime, watch it for all the female characters. The girls on High School DxD are beautiful, and how! And they are not just about beauty, hotness, or boldness, but beyond that. 

The glamorous female characters on the show also have abilities, demonic powers, and backgrounds, which make their characters a treat to watch. For instance, Akeno is one of the loved female characters on the show. Her father is a fallen angel who killed her mother, which explains the half-fallen angel thing and why she has been with Rias forever. 

Another notable female character on the show is Asia Argento. Besides her hot looks, Asia is also about her ability to heal. Her healing powers are so incredible that she saves everyone and their lives. As you watch the series, you will realize that the females aren’t sidelined.

The Overall Concept

Watch this show for its overall concept. The whole message and concept throughout the anime are clear. You get the idea of how everything links to each other. As the character developments happen, you understand everything that might have created confusion during the first episodes.

This manga adaptation is so well-made and created that it makes everything clear bit by bit. According to many critics and reviewers, the story is like petals that unfold one by one and solve the mystery.

What are the Best Episodes of High School DxD so Far?

High School DxD has set very high standards for itself and other anime of the same genre. Many episodes have created quite a buzz among the fans. Many memorable moments will stay with you forever.

Here are the best episodes of High School DxD from all four seasons.

Two Heavenly Dragon, Collide! Season 2, Episode 12

According to fans, this episode was a treat to watch. Issei battles Vali and discovers hidden depths to his power as the Twin Sky Dragons face off. The face-off has been presented beautifully on the screen.

I Came to Carry out my Promise! Season 1, Episode 12

The first season had many memorable moments of its own, including the twelfth episode. Issei wakes up to find that the battle is over and he has lost. Rias and others are at a party in honor of her engagement to Riser. Issei decides to crash the engagement and bring Rias home with him.

Man Against Man, Season 4, Episode 11

Sairaorg has finally risen to the stage, and Kiba, Rossweisse, and Xenovia team up against him. You will see the battle happening in this episode which is not just swift but equally brutal. You will also spot Issei reaching his bursting point.

High Praises During the Decisive Battle! Season 1, Episode 11

This one is one of the best episodes of all seasons combined. The Rating Game continues where Rias’s Queen is defeated. Issei’s Boosted Gear, with the help of Kiba’s power, takes out the rest of Raiser’s pieces. Rias is forfeited to save Issei from Raiser.

We Will Save Asia! Season 3, Episode 8

Rias and her household leave the fighting of the Chaos Brigade to the adults as they rush toward the temple to save Asia. Diodora replaces the Rating Game with a little game of his own. Now, they must fight against his forces to get her back.

Lion Heart of the School Festival, Season 4, Episode 12

Issei purges the curse of his Sacred Gear, and defeating all the odds, he stands up again in his form as a Queen piece. Issei and Sairaorg duke out one final fist fight where the winner takes it all. The only thing he has to worry about after it is his confession to Rias.

Where can I Watch High School DxD?

All four seasons of High School DxD are available for streaming on many online platforms. Some of them are subscription based, while others are free. You can stream this anime on platforms like JustWatch, Crunchyroll, and Funimation. You can also stream High School DxD on .

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