Dr. Stone Season 3 Release Date and Latest Updates

Dr. Stone Season 3 Release Date

Dr. Stone has been a game-changer in the world of and Manga, and how!

It is a shonen anime and manga series that debuted on the screens in March 2017. Since then, it has successfully received immense love and popularity from anime lovers all across the world. Over time, the series has garnered attention from the fans in the form of discussions and engagements on the social media platforms like Instagram and Reddit.

The second season aired on television last year. The fans eagerly await a word on the release of the third season of Dr. Stone. It is presumed that the third season will debut in April next year. In the meantime, the makers are set to release a special OVA of the anime this year for the fans.

So, what is Dr. Stone all about? Know everything here. 

What is Dr. Stone Based On?

Dr. Stone is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Around 3700 years ago, humanity was strangely frozen alive. Since then, many human cultures have ended. The story takes us through the hardships and challenges that a young science prodigy, Senku Ishigami, experiences while he tries his best to bring back human civilization and set up his Kingdom of Science. 

Both the seasons of the anime received accolades from the audience and critics. The fans cannot keep calm and eagerly wait for the release of the upcoming season.

When will Season 3 of Dr. Stone Release?

When will Season 3 of Dr. Stone Release?

An announcement was made during the Anime Japan event, which confirmed that the third season will debut sometime in 2023. While no release date has been mentioned as of now, it is expected the show will air in the first half of 2023, most probably in April.

What are the First and Second Chapters of Dr. Stone Based On?

Dr. Stone is an anime adaptation of the Manga by the same name. The first and second seasons have combined adapted 83 chapters of the manga. To add to your excitement, the anime will run even after its third season, for the whole series has 25 volumes and 232 chapters.

The first season was two cours composed of 24 episodes. The 18th episode began the Stone Wars story arc. The ending of the second cour, Episode 24, aired on the 13th of December, 2019.

The second season was released on the 14th of January, 2022. It carried forth the ending of the first season. The finale of the season, Episode 11, was released on the 25th of March, 2021.

Who are the Cast and Characters of Dr. Stone Season 3?

As per the reports, the voice cast for both dubs of the anime will not change for the next season. For the Japanese dub, Yusuke Kobayashi and Makoto Furukawa will lend their voices to Senku and Taiju. For the English dub, Senku will be voiced by Aaron Dismuke, while the voice behind Taiju will be Ricco Fajardo.

The fans also expect to listen to other Japanese voice actors, and they are likely to come back with all the characters. As per reports, the third season will also feature some new characters. 

With every new update about the third season, the fans become more excited.

How Did the Second Season End?

How Did the Second Season End?

Many discussions were carried out over the second season’s finale, for it was an emotionally grueling episode. Senku was forced to petrify Tsukasa out of forced circumstances. He promises to unveil the secrets of the mass petrification that occurred 3700 years ago.

When he unravels these secrets, he comes back for Tsukasa. The episode displays an uncanny relationship between the two. Interestingly, they were not friends from the beginning. Senku and Tsukasa were rivals, but thanks to their character arc and development, they became friends.

The finale of the second season left all the fans pondering one question:

“Will Senku ever discover these mysterious secrets to the petrification process with which he can restore humanity?”

Can I watch the Teaser of Season 3?

Although the release date of Dr. Stone season 3 is not released officially, you can catch a glimpse of a few things about the season by watching its teaser. The teaser or trailer of the third season has many exciting details and promises to be engaging.

What is the Plot of Dr. Stone Season 3?

Going by the teaser, Senku and his trusted group of friends are having fun on their ship while trying to discover more hidden secrets in the world. He has made a new invention – a freezer for the whole world. In the meantime, he makes the previous leader of the Empire of Might come under his Cryosleep technique.

Hyoga and Himura have been imprisoned in different prisons during the second season’s finale. Senku is trying to learn more about the history and science of petrification radiation. He also makes a spacecraft to find what led to the radiation.

More details on what the next season will unveil are awaited. Meanwhile, you can seek some references from the Manga or rack your brains to figure out what the next season has in store for the audience.

Dr. Stone – Manga or Anime – Which one is Better?

Dr. Stone – Manga or Anime – Which one is Better?

Similar to other adaptations of the Manga series, Dr. Stone does make some changes. The production house condensed the storyline a little bit by trimming the dialogue. Otherwise, the plot has remained faithful to the source material.

That being said, there are many skipped scenes in this Anime, the most notable of all is in the Chapter 1 manga when the former US President Donald Trump is shown during a montage of various turning to stone. TMS Entertainment decided to skip this scene, which was not welcomed by the fans.

In terms of pacing, the first season averaged 2.5 chapters per episode. The story was picked up again in Volume 7, Chapter 61. But there had been pacing issues with the second season of the anime. Many of the episodes in the second season adapted only two chapters, whereas the tenth episode of the second season adapted three chapters.

Various Reddit discussions and polls were made regarding the comparison between Dr. Stone’s Anime and Manga. Some Redditors highlighted how the anime miserably skipped the side story from the Dr. Stone reboot – Byakuya manga. This story would have fit right in the beginning of the second season as the 24th episode’s ending solely focused on Byakuya. The side story continued in nine chapters. It would have been perfect for providing two episodes, thus bringing the total episode count of the second season to 13 instead of 11.

The season two finale found a stopping point in Volume 10, Chapter 83. There is a contradictory opinion of some Redditors too. According to them, it was the perfect stopping point for season two since Chapters 83 and 84 depicted nothing but the aftermath of the Stone Wars that ends in Chapter 82 and teases the future that becomes the foundation of Dr. Stone Season 3.

The fans presume that the third season will correspond to the third saga of manga which has 56 chapters. These calculations suggest that it may feature 23 episodes in two cours.

Top Reasons Why Dr. Stone Should be on Your Watchlist

Dr. Stone is only two seasons old, but this anime has taken the whole industry by storm. In no time, it has become one of the most successful anime shows, and the audience loves it from the bottom of their hearts.

If you have not jumped on the bandwagon of watching this anime as of now, it is about time you do so. Here are the top reasons Dr. Stone should be on your watchlist before the third season arrives.

A Treat for all the Science Lovers

If you love physics, chemistry, or any other part of science, you will enjoy watching Dr. Stone to the fullest. The anime features the brilliance of science and how.

Dr. Stone is a science fiction anime about the recreation of the world. Interestingly, the methods used by the protagonist to revive the world are entirely factual. The whole world has been turned to stones, and Senku is on the mission to bring everything back to life. Thus, he tries to reverse the petrification, and to do so, he creates the Stone Formula in the first episode.

Throughout the show, you will spot many scientific experiments done by Senku. These experiments are not fictionalized but work similarly in real life too.

Dig into the Post-Apocalyptic Setting

The world of the anime takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting. The cities are deteriorating, and vegetation has grown wide. The anime successfully retains the elements of the isekai genre but being set in the same world, keeps it from being such.

One of the most incredible parts about a post-apocalyptic setting is that there are no laws. Thus, Senku takes the moral high ground of restoring the world, and Tsukasa murders the stone structures to prevent the world from being restored. It shows you the real battle of science v. strength.

Captivating Artwork

Captivating Artwork

The makers of the anime have ensured to instill captivating artwork throughout the anime. Thus, as you watch Dr. Stone from the first season, you will realize it is full of beautiful imagery. There are bright colors and lots of greenery. The show is set in 2038 before the world is petrified and reaches 5738.

After petrification, everything is taken over by vegetation. Moss has grown on either side of the trees, and vines are hanging from the branches. The makers have given full justice to the artwork. Everything looks charismatic.

Impressive Voice Acting

Besides the outstanding screenplay of the makers, the voice acting also deserves accolades. Senku’s voice actor, Yuusuke Kobayashi, is a prominent name in the industry. He is famous for his roles as Subaru in Re: Zero, Arthur Boyle in Fire Force, and many others. But he is not the only character who has given such a prominent voice in the show.

Taiju’s voice actor Makoto Furukawa also deserves his spot. He is known for Saitama in One Punch Man, Shorter Wong in Banana Fish, and Miyuki Shirogane in Kaguya-sama: Love is War. All the voice actors have done a tremendous job in portraying their roles.

The Element of Mystery

If mystery is your go-to genre, you must add this anime to your watchlist. At each step of the show, Dr. Stone keeps you engaged. The element of mystery throughout the show never ends. Dr. Stone works to answer the question of the unknown.

What would happen if the world ended mysteriously? How would it be rebuilt for future generations? Will life on the planet end? What would the world be like? All these post-apocalyptic questions will leave you on the edge of your seats as you journey through each episode of its two seasons.

The inventions made by the protagonist, too, will interest you and keep you gripped until the end of the anime.

Does Dr. Stone Show a Correct Representation of Science?

Dr. Stone unveils many scientific aspects with each episode. Every part helps you learn about useful scientific facts. It may bring you to one question – Is the show scientifically correct?

Most of the scientific facts in the anime are accurate in principle only and do not always apply in real-world applications. Dr. Stone has made an impeccable attempt to educate the viewers about different scientific inventions that are already part of our daily lives.

The Best Characters to Watch Out

The Best Characters to Watch Out

The anime has given the audience some of the most brilliant moments in the show. The characters are so compelling that they stay with you for the longest time.

Here are the best characters of Dr. Stone without whom the anime would not have been what it is.

Gen Asagiri

You may not have liked him in the first few episodes. But we must say, the character arc and development of Gen Asagiri have been remarkable. He is the enemy turned ally of many audiences. He may not have a scientific streak to him, but his mental skills are unmatchable. If it wasn’t for his quick wit and ability to see through people, the Kingdom of Science would never have had a chance against the empire established by Tsukasa.

You may see him as an opportunist, but as the show progresses, Gen Asagiri successfully proves himself as one of his most loyal and useful friends to Senku. It is because of Gen, that Dr. Stone has some funny moments too. His various impersonations of different characters are one of them. Besides this, the Battery Song is not to be missed.

Yuzuriha Ogawa

Yuzuriha is Taijo’s love interest. She seems nothing more than a quirky girl next door. But with the progress in the show, she fares as an unusual cunning character in times of need.

Yuzuriha serves as the smarts to Taijo’s browns when they work as spies in Tsukasa’s empire. The makers have written this character to be quick on the feet when strategizing and dealing with difficult situations. She is smart enough to see through Senku’s plans before anyone else. She gives The Kingdom of Science a tactical edge over Tsukasa’s empire.


When Senku decides to awaken the world from petrification, he chooses none other than Taiju. Taiju is his old acquaintance. He is physically capable, loyal, and an ideal partner for Senku to establish his Kingdom of Science. 

It doesn’t matter what situation Taiju finds himself in, he is always ready to maintain his conviction and continues pushing forward. Even after separating from Senku for a year, his loyalty towards him remains untainted. His character is strong. His physical accomplishments are superior. 


She is the youngest soldier of the Kingdom of Science and one of the most loved characters on the show. Interestingly, Suika is always seen under a watermelon helmet, for she suffers from near-sightedness. However, you cannot dismiss her because of this inability. Her appearance may be deceiving.

Suika has sharp deductive skills and intuition unparalleled to a few. Saiku is one of the essential assets of Senku’s army. She proves her mantle repeatedly on the show by foiling down the plans set by their enemies.


When Kohaku first meets Senku, she mistakes him for a wizard. But she is quick enough to acclimatize to his scientific methods. Kohaku is responsible for taking Senku to the village of modern humans, which eventually paves way for the Kingdom of Science.

Throughout the anime, you will see Kohaku fighting with some of the strongest characters on the show. She is often teased by Senku, as he calls her a Gorilla or a Lioness. Kohaku is an incredible strategist too. She cares deeply for her sister and friends. In short, she is everything you will fall in love with.


Chrome is the most reliable comrade of Senku’s Kingdom of Science. He is blessed with an unmatchable scientific intellect. He is born to modern humans in a world without science but still possesses immense curiosity regarding how things work. Even before Senku was there to introduce Science to a Stone world, Chrome was already busy collecting different things to experiment with. He is the go-to person of Senku in terms of keeping up with his scientific plans.

Chrome has many qualities. He is adept at building things himself. His unconventional ideas surprise everyone, even Senku. In short, Chrome is living proof that human tenacity and curiosity can survive all the odds, big or small.


The list of the best characters on the show is incomplete without mentioning Senku, the protagonist. In the time since Dr. Stone debuted, Senku Ishigami has established himself amongst the most famous protagonists. This green-haired young scientist has proven how powerful science can be when it comes to changing and rebuilding the world.

He is loved by the viewers for his intelligence and innovative inventions. You will see many unique inventions made by him throughout the two seasons of the anime. The character is endearing, even when you are not into the scientific stuff.

Senku’s main motto in life is to revive all the humans who were petrified and go on to make his own version of the world which he calls The Kingdom of Science. He is the first person to break free from the petrification and also the one who was able to concoct the stone formula to de-petrify the stone effigies.

Interesting Facts About the Protagonist of Dr. Stone – Senku

Senku Ishigami is the heart of the show. Here are some interesting facts about him.

  • Senku is the stone god of the petrified world. This fact itself is derived from his name. In Japanese, Sen refers to a thousand, and Ku refers to the sky. Together it means a thousand skies. More interestingly, his surname also derives its own meaning. Ishi means stone, and gami means god. Thus, Senku is the stone god who is on a mission of saving the world.
  • You will be shocked to know that Senku has died in the anime. Many fans have a misconception that he did not die when Tsukasa broke his cervical plexus. However, Senku was dead and would have stayed dead if not for the small petrified portion on the back of his neck. He successfully came back to life. 
  • Senku becomes the leader of the Ishigami village after winning the village games. The main objective was for Chrome to win the games, but the protagonist wins, claiming the title. He also receives Ruri as a reward. 
  • Surprisingly, Senku doesn’t have any love interest on the show. He is a decent man when it comes to interacting with women. He loves only one thing – Science. Senku doesn’t hate anyone but doesn’t like to engage in a feeling like love either. Many women throughout the show are attracted to him, but Senku gives a cold shoulder to the romantic angle set up by them.

What Does the Audience have to Say about Dr. Stone?

By now, you may have realized how much love the audience has given to Dr. Stone in this short span. Both seasons were welcomed warmly by science lovers and anime fanatics. They would often discuss the characters and plots on social media platforms.

The audience is eager to gather more details on the third season. Dr. Stone has received rave reviews from critics too.

Where Can I Watch Dr. Stone?

You can stream Dr. Stone online on several platforms, such as Netflix and Crunchyroll.

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