THE ORIGINAL: The Beatles (1969)

It’s that weirdo song with the weirdo lyrics that we all know and just love to sing… and by that I mean everyone just sings the chorus “Come to-gether, riiiiiiight now, ovuh me!” Maybe three people you know can sing all of the real lyrics, am I right? How many times have you heard it shouted by a bunch of drunken jackasses in a bar? I’ve heard it way too often.

Anyway, it is a pretty groovy song that was written by John Lennon for Timothy Leary’s run for governor of California, which would have been really wild to hear on tv commercials. Too bad it never happened, because Leary got busted and sent to prison – not jail – for pot possession. Oh well, we can still enjoy it.

THE COVER: Aerosmith (1978)

I remember being gobsmacked the first time I heard this. It was the opening day of the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band movie, one of my all-time favorite guilty pleasures. Aerosmith played a bunch of bad guys who kidnapped Peter Frampton’s girlfriend, Penny Lane, and then she was accidentally killed in this scene, and…whoops, I digress.

This cover is really great because they’re playing it as if they wrote it. Tyler is all greasy, dirty, smutty and sexy all at once. They follow the original arrangement and put the Aerosmith stink on it, it feels grittier and a little more bluesy.


I’m sure you’re gonna say that this is a cop-out, but it’s a tie. I mean, come on man – it’s the Beatles and Aerosmith! What do you want from me?

P.S. I could have made this a four or five-way, because there are popular covers of this song by Joe Cocker, Michael Jackson, Ike & Tina Turner and Axl Rose & Bruce Springsteen, but I decided to spare you the pain–especially the MJ version, hooooooo BOY is that bad–so check them all out on your own, if you dare!


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