THE ORIGINAL: The Move (1972)

I’m guessing that you thought Cheap Trick wrote it. And you probably didn’t know that ELO was an offshoot of the Move. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, when you listen to this song you’ll know why I told you that bit of intel.

This song is a fabulous 50s-style rave-up, complete with Jerry Lee piano, a chugging backbeat and a fleet of saxophones. The vocal is split between Roy Wood, who wrote it, and Jeff Lynne of ELO, which is interesting but not necessary. This song is rough and gritty, and I can totally hear Little Richard singing it. It’s a barn burner!

THE COVER: Cheap Trick (1978)

This was a very smart choice for Cheap Trick, because it’s totally in line with their sound and vibe. The arrangement is basically the same, but it’s guitar-heavy, with groovy solos and a bridge breakdown.

Robin’s vocal is perfect, the harmonies are fab and I love the hand claps! It also feels a smidge faster for some reason. No matter, I dig it!


It’s a tie, I love them both very much.


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  1. almost apples & oranges. guitars vs saxes. depends on my mood. i love both equal. and “brontosaurus” is in the trick’s version a little.

  2. And the columnist forgot to mention one of the main reasons Cheap Trick covered the song is they were heavily influenced by The Move, Jeff Lynne, and especially Roy Wood.

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