Z readers… I’m back! After over a month away from writing for my favourite platform, it turns out, August just wasn’t my month.

I’ll be honest, food poisoning followed by gastroenteritis — which resulted in a wasted weekend away in Berlin and losing nearly a stone in weight — wasn’t be the biggest motivational push I’ve ever had. But I’m back in full health and I’m ready to inflict my opinions upon the online world.

There is one thing that has been trending in the UK news over the past week that has truly caught my attention and ruffled my feathers, including many others. Ex-soap star Roxanne Pallett has been involved in the “Punch-gate” scandal that has hit UK screens during her time on Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother.

Big Brother is a typical trash television show that ungracefully marks its territory on UK’s screens once a year; and miraculously, next year will be its last, due to plans to axe the show. It involves throwing a bunch of different personalities into a luxurious house for a month, until the best personality is crowned the winner, a bizarre and testing social experiment that people take part in for a desperate chance at fame.

This year’s Celebrity Big Brother involved Pallett alongside soap star Ryan Thomas, who was ultimately crowned winner a few days ago. The “Punch-gate” hullabaloo unfolded whenThomas playfully punched Pallett on the arm. And when I say “punched,” it was a playful couple of light punches that couldn’t possibly cause pain, done in manner utterly without malice.

She laughed along, calling him a “woman beater” and even jokingly saying, “I’ll shrink your washing now,” followed by her laughing over the situation. Then, all of a sudden, the mood changed, like the flick of a light switch. Pallett hastily whispered into her microphone that she needed to speak to production privately about an “incident that just happened.”

Long story short, Thomas was slapped with a formal warning after Pallett complained about him punching and scaring her, enough for her to feel uncomfortable being in the same room as him. She persistently dramatized the situation, saying how she was in agony from him hitting her, accusing of him lying and being manipulative, and even relating the situation to women in domestically violent relationships.

The British public, thankfully, didn’t buy any of the horse shit that was coming out of her mouth, especially after seeing the distress these false allegations were causing Thomas. Pallett eventually made the decision to leave the Big Brother house, and even gained herself a new title as the most hated woman in Britain.

Her interview with CBB host Emma Willis was painful to watch, with her squirming uncomfortably in the chair claiming she had simply “gotten it wrong” and “misunderstood the situation.” Quite simply, Pallett was feeling the heat of her actions and was giving the whole “rabbit under headlights” impression to save her own arse.

It is people like Roxanne Pallett that bring shame upon British television. Her childish and attention-seeking behaviour was not only disgraceful, but laughable. As anybody who watched the incident unfold will naturally agree, Thomas was undoubtedly innocent and meant no harm. Being a former celebrity now in the shadows of her past career, it is clear that Pallett intended to climb back to the top and gain not only love from the British public, but sympathy; which, thankfully, didn’t work at all.

Also galling was the mere fact that she turned on the crocodile tears and claimed “this is why women are too scared to speak out, things get turned around onto them.” Her attempt at connecting to women who have experienced genuine domestic violence is sickening. It is people like Roxanne Pallett who don’t deserve the time on our televisions, and rather than spend time ridiculing and hating her, it’s time for her to be simply forgotten.

Ryan Thomas made the kind and mature move of choosing to forgive Pallett and move on from the whole ghastly situation. This is an example of a truly remarkable person who deserves the time on British screens.

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