THE ORIGINAL: Lou Johnson (1964)

It starts with a soft trumpet, then the soft vocal, with the rest of the band joining in softly before the chorus blares, with Lou and the background vocals as loud as possible. You can even hear Dionne Warwick singing; this is a Burt Bacharach/Hal David song, after all.

Lou sings this pretty straight. He sounds sincere and clear as a bell. This is a nice, snappy-peppy song that’s easy to groove to. Dionne did the demo for this before Lou, and released a version that sounds pretty much like this one, so I didn’t make a three-way this time. Sorry, Dionne, but the Psychic Friends Network should have told you to expect that.

THE COVER: Naked Eyes (1983)

From the opening electronic drums and glorious “wedding bell” chimes — hence the plot of the video — to the chipper vocal by Pete Byrne, this just makes you smile automatically. This song makes you want to skip down the sidewalk, hand in hand with the one you love, while confetti falls from the sky and everyone dances around you like you’re in a Busby Berkeley musical!


Lou Johnson is great, but I have to give it to Naked Eyes.  After sitting here listening to them both back-to-back, they have lifted my spirits so much, I wanna skip down the street on my way home from the subway!


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  1. Dionne used to do a sped up, heavy drum, funky version of Always Something There to Remind Me, with a repeat chorus of background vocals. It was in a medley during her concerts throughout the 80s and 90s. It gave me a whole new perspective of this song. Go to the 12:15 mark of this clip, and you will find it. Dionne kind of took ownership of this song through the years.

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