The music industry may be slouching towards its own inevitable, self-imposed demise, but whatever happens when it goes down, it will not take Azalia Snail down with it.

She’s been making albums since her 1990 debut Snailbait, and quietly nursing a dedicated following for the better part of 30 years. She’s been dubbed “The Queen of Lo-Fi” in numerous quarters, but she doesn’t bristle at the title or its implications.

“Lo-fi, to me, meant you were content to record on your own time with your own amateur skills,” she told The Z Review in an interview. “It also gave me a rather unique sound. But from the beginning, I was brought into nice studios by the small labels that signed me.”

Snail said that she was not initially inclined to rock out publicly, but WFMU DJ Wm. Berger and her friends in the group Fly Ashtray encouraged her to do her thing. It must have worked, because this year, she released her 15th studio album, Neon Resistance, which was produced by her husband and LoveyDove bandmate Dan West.

When she’s not performing or recording, she listens to bubblegum pop, Nubian music from Egypt and Hugh Masakela. Current artists that she singled out for praise are Australia’s Pond, d’Animal, Zeitgeist & The Mage and Amanda Green.

In addition to granting us this interview, Snail was kind enough to compile a playlist for you, The Z Review reader, to enjoy while you peruse our fine content. She has dubbed this playlist “Instant Joy,” and we think you’ll agree that it beats the shit out of most other artist-curated efforts. Drink deeply of it!

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