My friends are always shocked to discover that I listen to more than just demonic-sounding death metal.

Too much of a good thing can prove boring, which is why I enjoy a variety of genres including some that are categorically “not me,” or so it would seem. Two such genres are psychedelic rock and disco, basically anything that sounds like it could be in a 70s giallo or James Bond movie.

Keyboards, distortion, funky beats and trippy vibes make it easy to concoct an entire storyline in my mind. At times, I prefer it dark and foreboding; other times I want to feel as upbeat as the partygoers in Logan’s Run under an exploded, laughter-inducing balloon of unknown origin.

It is altogether a much-needed escape from routine and predictability. Thus, without further ado, I present my playlist of Super 60s and 70s Spy Themes!

About Author

Johanna Ohlin is an Ethnolinguistics student, writer, and connoisseur of death metal and horror. She lives in New York with her three cats and is hoping to travel abroad in the future.

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