Mara Schwartz Kuge is president and founder of Superior Music Publishing. But you know that already, because you always diligently read our content the moment it’s published and, therefore, saw our last feature to which she contributed, a playlist of famous soft rock tunes covered by artists other than those they’re famous for.

While Kuge’s knowledge of the 1970s soft rock genre is impressive, she’s also a Gen-Xer, like quite a few of us at The Z Review, and while stuff like Stranger Things has made it seem like the 1980s was a decade full of nothing but New Coke and Alex P. Keaton, the fact is that the Cold War loomed large in our minds at the time, and nuclear annihilation didn’t seem like a possibility that was distant. There were times when it almost felt like an eventuality.

That’s reflected in a lot of the music of the time, so Kuge has done us a solid and loaned us her custom playlist of songs that focus on the Cold War anxiety that was always a little too close for comfort back then. Some of the songs refer to nuclear war overtly and others are more veiled statements about general geoploitical anxiety, but we feel confident that if you step into your time machine and set your coordinates for 1984-ish or thereabouts, you will enjoy this musical mushroom cloud.

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