THE ORIGINAL: Pink Floyd (1979)

This is one of my all-time favorite Pink Floyd songs. I’m sure you remember it from The Wall. This song is a 6:21 example of the explosive, symbiotic genius of Roger Waters and David Gilmour.  Sometimes their bickering and fighting all of the time was worth it!

Slow synths, two of the greatest guitar solos ever by David, and fabulous lyrics based on a real-life experience that happened before a show I saw in Philly in ‘77 during the In The Flesh tour. He said he had horrific stomach cramps and the doctor chose to shoot him up with some kind of tranquilizer to ease the pain. He looked really woozy onstage, but held it together.

This is also one of my all time favorite songs to make out or have sex to. And no, I’ve never smoked pot or dropped acid, ya smartasses!

THE COVER: Scissor Sisters (2004)

This is one of my top five covers of all time.

Remember my criteria for a great cover – that it’s so radically changed or rearranged that you don’t recognize it at first, but it is fucking brilliant? This is the business!

If someone had told me when I was in 7th grade at that show in Philly that some band of weirdos would turn this “Comfortably Numb” into a Disco/House song, I would have punched them in their face. But the arrangement is stunning and flawless.

It opens with a little guitar riff, then a male falsetto vocal with the driving 4/4 Disco thumping bass, synths, handclaps, and then the House Music piano chords. I don’t care who you are, this song will make you shake your ass.


I love, love, love this song so fucking much. Pink Floyd can obviously do no wrong here, and the Scissor Sisters just crush the cover, so… it’s a tie!




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  1. How is this not on “A Collection of Great Dance Songs”? I have to confess this is the first one in the series where I didn’t know the cover version. Scissor Sisters definitely gets points for audacity (and danceability), but I have to go with Floyd here. There’s just more emotional texture to their version, especially with the closing guitar solo. The cover doesn’t seem to have much of a connection with the actual lyrics, which was probably the point, but it doesn’t get them on the same level as the classic original.

  2. Robert Silva on

    I love hearing modern artists covering “classic rock” and the like, particularly when they make it their own, as the Scissor Sisters have definitely done here. Still like the original much better. I hear this cover and Jimmy Fallon is dancing in my head dressed as Barry Gibb.

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