I think that I first read about Rainbow OPTX when I stumbled across their Facebook ad. As someone who battles anxiety and believes that everything happens for a reason — or with the help of an online algorithm — I wanted to give these babies a try.

I got three different colors — orange, indigo, rose — and lenses — round, cat-eye, heart — to test out and see if these specs really work. I decided to try my round framed orange glasses first.

According to the Rainbow OPTX site, this is the orange breakdown:

Mantra: I Feel
Affirmation: I allow myself more abundance & pleasure than ever before.
Chakra: Sacral
Element: Water
Focus: Emotions
Your Need: To feel stable and balanced, to quiet the mind, and to achieve a sense of harmony.

Orange is the color of joy and wisdom. It stimulates feelings of sociability. It is tied to our emotional health and to the muscular system of the body.

When I first tried them on:

  • The colors are so bright that I had to just smile
  • You don’t forfeit style for comfort and lightness in weight
  • I love the super 70’s look
  • I don’t usually choose orange accessories but I’m glad I got these

When I first wore them outside:

  • Drastic change, but I got used to it really quickly
  • I thought, “Wow, this is what the world is supposed to look like!”
  • I loved how bright the color is to people who see me. I caught them looking!
  • Colors don’t really change to the wearer, but everything is brighter and more vibrant than their original color

I think that in order for the glasses to have a positive influence on your day, you need to be perceptive to change. Wearing them is a constant reminder, literally right in front of your eyes, that you should take a step back and recognize your stability. Regular sunglasses dim, OPTX glasses brighten, both in actuality and symbolically. Obviously, the glasses aren’t a quick fix, and let’s face it, nothing is. But I believe that if you pair them with a liberal awareness and positive outlook, you’ll start to feel some rather encouraging results.

Here’s the Q & A I did with Rainbow OPTX founder & CEO, Noel Churchill.

TZR: What was the inspiration for these unique sunglasses?

NC: I’ve always been attracted to transformative experiences that gave me a new perspective and a fuller understanding of the world around me. The inspiration for RainbowOPTX came to me this way. I was playing with some diffraction lens glasses and enjoying the trippy experience. Diffraction lenses will separate the into the full color spectrum so you see rainbows emanating around everything. Sometimes when I get an idea I’m the type personality that just has to do something about it, and based on that experience I got the bug to start RainbowOPTX. The idea transformed from my initial experience of enjoying the rainbow hues, into creating sunglasses with the mood boosting effects of each of the colors.

TZR: How did you define the mantras, elements, affirmations, etc.?

NC: There are seven primary chakras of the body: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. Each chakra energy center has a corresponding color associated with it: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

The color for a specific chakra can be worn to stimulate and work on that specific chakra. For example, green, the color of the heart chakra, can be used to facilitate feelings of being open to loving others and receiving love for yourself.

TZR: Do the glasses effectively block out the sun with UV400?

NC: Yes, all RainbowOPTX provide full UV400 protection.

TZR: Do the glasses really boost your mood? If so, how?

NC: Sometimes people have doubts, but the moment they put a pair of RainbowOPTX on they instantly understand how powerful color is for changing your mood. You feel it immediately. Chromo-therapy is the practice of using color and light to improve your wellbeing. All colors have different moods. This has always been intuitively understood by artists, philosophers, and even people in professions like interior decorating who use colors to make people feel a certain way. RainbowOPTX sunglasses are tools for people to take the uniquely powerful effects of each and every color of the rainbow into their own hands.

Each color has unique properties. We provide more specifics for each color on our website. Generally speaking, “cool” colors are relaxing and “warm” colors are energizing. If someone is feeling a little anxious they can wear our blue, rose, or green lenses to feel more calm or a sense of love and growth. If someone is feeling a little down or low energy they can wear warmer colors like red, orange, or yellow to feel more energized and increased sense of willpower and vigor. And of course, everyone is different, and they don’t always respond to colors in the same way. People need to try them on to experience for themselves and to pay close attention to their intuition of how each color makes them feel!


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