Let’s talk about boobs and bras.

I commend the women out there who are 100% confident with their bodies. I am not one of them, but I aspire to be.

I’ve never been particularly body-conscious. I’m genetically thin and always have been. I’m not the girl who is constantly dieting to get a slim figure. I’m just a naturally bony person.

While I know that makes my life easier in our fat-shaming culture, my boniness also works against me.  I have small breasts.

In a country where “bigger is better” is the ruling attitude when it comes to breasts, I feel inadequate. I don’t look like Jessica Biel, Katy Perry, Scarlett Johannsen, Adriana Lima, or any other busty bombshell. These are women I revere, not for their talents or accomplishments, but for their voluptuous bodies.

Okay, so I don’t feel like I can ever be perfect.  There, I said it. I won’t go on about breast enhancement, or the psychology of women wanting bigger breasts. It’s all been said. However, there is a company called Pepper that is out to remind us that we are perfect as we are. Their motto is, “We embrace the ‘flat’ in flattering.”

Pepper, founded by Jaclyn Fu and Lia Winograd, is a new company promoting positivity for those of us who are on the dainty side . They have manufactured a bra specifically for women who wear AA, A, and B cups. The company boasts that its products hallmarks are comfort, durability, and gapless cups.

And that’s not all. The Pepper bra has a center bridge that lays flat on your sternum, and that’s what won me over.

A few other great features are:  With the bra’s Authentic Lift™, you can flaunt what you do have without pounds of padding. The bras come in sizes 32AA-38B. It’s totally affordable too. You can order the “All You” bra, in beige, black, or mint for $49. That’s a small price tag for a lot of comfort and style.

The Pepper “All You” bra was introduced via a Kickstarter campaign in 2017. With a goal of $10,000, they reached 100% of their goal in the first 10 hours.

The “All You” bra was available for pre-order on April 12, 2017 and officially launched on the same day this year. I recently spoke with Pepper co-founder and CEO Jaclyn Fu about the aspirations of their new company.

One of their goals was to solve a major problem for small breasted women when bra shopping — gapping. The industry standard bra size is a 36C. For women like us, that means the underwire is too long, causing gaps in the bra and overall discomfort. Pepper bras offer a less-curved, shorter underwire that is still supportive and comfortable.

Companies like Victoria’s Secret try to sell to everyone without optimizing for size and shape. Pepper is all about reinforcing that “one size doesn’t for all”…and that’s okay! One of their goals is to help women feel awesome about the bodies they have.

Jaclyn Fu has said that in the future, they want to take what they’ve learned thus far and create different textures, fabric and colors for new bras. Eventually they would like to make strapless bras, swim wear, and athletic wear.

Obviously, I had to try the bra out for myself.  I love it.  I’m currently wearing the “All You” bra and it feels like what a bra is supposed to feel like. With “All You,” I’m able to wear a form-fitting bra without it being a sports bra or bralette. Plus, I get a little bit of “oomph” that I wouldn’t get otherwise with a sports bra or bralette. The material is top notch and feels quite durable. The underwire isn’t rigid and doesn’t poke at my sternum. The cups are soft and gapless.

The only part of the bra that I don’t love is that the mesh fabric isn’t connected to the tops of the cups. It doesn’t compromise comfort though, and is certainly not a deal-breaker. If you are a size AA, A, or B cup, I definitely recommend this bra. Simply put, it fits. And it reminds me that I fit. I think it’s time to give some of my old bras the heave-ho. I don’t have to settle for bra gaps, not to mention that creeping feeling that I’m just not “enough”, anymore!

With a purchase from Pepper, not only are you supporting a fantastic company created and run by women, you’re also perpetuating a push for body-positivity.

Jacqueline Fu and Lia Winograd started their company as both a bra company and a statement about positive body image for small-breasted women. Their five-year goal is to transcend being seen as only a bra retailer; Fu and Winograd want to build a community for women like me.  They can count me in.

Visit the company’s website at https://www.wearpepper.com. Pepper is presently running a promotion: free returns and buy 2+ bras, get free shipping.

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