SPOILERS AHEAD! Don’t read this unless you’ve seen the Barry season finale.

After watching the season finale of Barry last night, I can safely say that I will be anxiously awaiting its return. Bill Hader has me unquestionably siding with a dangerous murderer, and I’m okay with that.

Beneath Barry’s firm, professional exterior, his ostensibly pure spirit and desperate need to be good doesn’t make it too difficult to empathize with him. However, Barry’s need for a normal life is so great that he will literally kill to keep it.

Barry has had enough. The hitman lifestyle and constant killing has taken its toll. He tells Fuches that starting now, he’s done. Fuches then tells Pazar, the chief of the Chechens, that Barry is still alive after narrowly escaping a bust on the Bolivian drug cartel, and must be killed.

NoHo Hank (Anthony Carrigan), the only seemingly decent guy among the Chechens, warns Barry of the gang’s plan after Pazar calls him out for being weak. Barry kills the Chechens who are holding Fuches hostage and cuts ties with him. He tells Fuches again that, starting now, he is done.

Unaware of what his next step should be, he goes to Sally and tells her that he wants to leave their acting class. He can’t commit to his process of getting into character because the last time he did, it was because he had just killed his friend in order to keep him from ratting them out regarding the Bolivian disaster. At Sally’s behest, however, he decides to stick with it.

The episode takes an optimistic turn and, in what we as the audience are to believe at the onset is a fantasy scene, we see Barry and Sally snuggled cozily in a hammock at Gene Cousineau’s picturesque cabin. A few weeks have gone by and Barry and Sally are now a happy couple.

Detective Janice Moss (Paula Newsome), the woman who investigated the supposedly solved string of murders in Los Angeles, is Gene’s new girlfriend, and she arrives for a weekend away with the others. After Gene unknowingly divulges too much personal information about Barry, Moss becomes increasingly suspicious of Barry’s involvement in the local murders.

That night alone at the cabin’s dock, Moss comes to the realization that Barry is the murderer that she’s been searching for. Barry cautiously approaches and begins pleading with her to disregard what she’s discovered. He implores her to understand that they are one in the same; that they both just want to be happy, they both just want a life.

Gun drawn, she blatantly tells him that they are not the same and that he needs to walk back to the house. He knows that he is out of options and that he will need to use the gun he has hidden behind a tree to kill Janice. He begs to her one last time to reconsider. Cut to Sally asleep in bed. Then we hear a gunshot.

Crawling into bed, Barry then tells himself, “…starting now…”

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