For those who haven’t noticed, I’ve had two weeks away from the Z whilst I was fulfilling my duties as a bridesmaid for my best friend in Australia, Ellen. Being friends since we were six years old, my twin and I did everything we could to ensure we’d stand by Ellen on her wedding day, including hellish 60-hour weeks over the Christmas period which ultimately bought our flights to Adelaide.

My time away was truly wonderful, and as anyone can imagine, being beside their best friend on their wedding day is such an honour; and the fact it was in the Land Down Under only made it that little bit better. But no matter what the circumstance or what part of the world us Brits will find ourselves in, we undoubtedly will forever emit our “Britishness,” often without even realising.

From having my Yorkshire accent constantly puzzled over, to shining brighter than the blaring sun whilst walking on the beautiful South Australian beaches, one’s Britishness is undeniable.

So after these two weeks off, I’ve decided to construct a playlist that sums up the essence of being British, in order to get the creative juices flowing amidst the horrific jet lag I am currently experiencing.

Rule, Britannia!

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Emily Puckering is a Hull born English Language and Journalism graduate living in Manchester. Loves anything borderline 'loser' including progressive rock and drinks around seven cups of tea a day. Very much dislikes revolving doors and having her 5ft tall height ever so repeatedly commented on.

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