Mara Schwartz Kuge is a true Renaissance woman. She’s the president and founder of Superior Music Publishing, a Los Angeles-based company that sees to it that musicians get their royalty checks in a timely manner, and which pitches music for placement in movies, television shows, advertising and video games.

When she’s not doing that, she hosts “Soft Rock Sunday” at select bars in the City of Angels. That’s right, she plays tunes by such greats as Barry Manilow, Bread and Seals & Crofts for discerning bar patrons, and she promises that every note of music will have two things in common — they will be all vinyl and all soft.

Kuge’s breadth of knowledge of the soft rock genre is so encyclopedic we would never dream of challenging her on it, and when we asked her to make a custom Z Review Playlist, she wowed us by compiling a list of well-known soft rock songs, all played by different soft rock artists than those who actually got famous for them. She has dubbed it “Bizarro Soft Rock,” and we urge you to stick it on, gaze into the Pacific Coast sunset and take between three and seven quaaludes. Otherwise, you’re doing it wrong.

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