On May 2, 2018, it was announced that Ty Cobb was retiring from his position as lawyer for the Trump White House. The Z Review presents a look back at a man many consider the greatest attorney of the dead ball era.

1886 – Cobb is born in Narrows, Georgia to William Herschel Cobb, a State Senator and Amanda Chitwood Cobb. At a young age, he exhibits an uncanny knack for hitting a baseball and making morally suspect career decisions.

1905 – Cobb’s mother shoots his father with a pistol he bought for her. Cobb agrees to represent her at the murder trial because “it was an impossible task with a deadline.”

1909 – At the request of President William Howard Taft, Cobb delivers a savage beating to Honus Wagner solely because he has a completely ridiculous name. Of the incident, Cobb said, ‘“If the president asks you, you don’t say no. I have rocks in my head and steel balls.”

1911 – Cobb has a 40-game hitting streak and successfully defends Chicago meatpackers against charges that their Polish kielbasa products were more than 75% immigrant Polish laborer meat.

1919 – Cobb agrees to represent “Shoeless” Joe Jackson and the rest of the infamous Black Sox against charges that they fixed the World Series. When asked about his clients, Cobb states, “They’re in full cooperation mode and they’ve been directed to fully cooperate and get this over with as quickly as possible.”

1923 – Cobb is pranked by Dan Scavino, a writer pretending to be Newsprint Director for the Calvin Coolidge Administration.  When Scavino writes in a letter that he had sent a complaint to the editors of The American Magazine about Ida Tarbell, Cobb wrote, “You the Man! She is insane. Thanks buddy.”

1925 – Cobb goes 6 for 6 in one game, with two singles, a double and three home runs.

1928– Upon retiring from Major League Baseball, Cobb tells Hearst reporters, “This is good for me. I have postponed many orthopedic procedures and basically been living in an attic. It’s been a real sacrifice for me.”

1942 – Cobb represents whistleblower Mary McCarthy, who was accused of leaking information to the New York Herald about OSS “black sites.” Cobb said she “categorically denied leaking classified information and having access to the information attributed to her.”

1961 – Cobb dies in Atlanta, Georgia.

1975 – Cobb graduates from Georgetown Law School.

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