What the hell is going on with American Idol? It’s turned into musical torture porn, sort of like “Hostel” for the Ariana Grande set.

They announced the top 10 last week. Ryan Seacrest milked the drama as much as he could, and it was horrific. If America voted for you, you sat on the “winner” side and would go on to the next round. If America didn’t vote for you, you sat in the “Danger Zone” side and cried.

Here’s the torture part. No matter what the decision is, contestants have to sing a song right after finding out their fate. So I watched a young black guy who can sing his ass off, loaded with soul and a great stage presence, get booted to the “Danger Zone” and then still have to sing.

He kept it together. He was a little pitchy, but he did the damn thing, and his face clearly showed how he felt. I welled up with tears watching him.

Then, Luke Bryan, the “country music” judge, told the kid, “Well… it wasn’t the best we’ve seen you do.”

No shit, Sherlock.

Before anyone starts lecturing me about how this is a reality show, and the contestants know what they signed up for, and how hard things can be, and how you have to push through… please don’t bother. This is a bullshit way to get ratings.

Isn’t getting rejected by America enough to deal with? This shit is like a hazing ritual.

Between this bullshit, Katy Perry’s horrific drag, and the pain of having to sit through this crap, I think I’ll just stick with watching “The Voice.”

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