“22 Short Films About Springfield,” the spectacular episode of The Simpsons, premiered 22 years ago, on April 14th, 1996. One of the most memorable segments from this episode is called “Skinner & The Superintendent,” but perhaps better known simply as “Steamed Hams.”

If you’re a Simpsons aficionado like me, you know the exact scene I’m talking about, and probably all of the dialogue as well. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of fan-made parody videos of this scene alone.

I’ve gone through 97 of them in my recent search to find the best of the bunch. In no particular order, here are The Z Review’s top seven “Steamed Hams” videos on YouTube.

Jeff Goldblum Reading for Skinner

Multiple Animators

Steamed Hams Inc.

Skinner is Johnny from The Room

Seinfeld Steamed Hams

Guitar Dub


Honorable mention for the scene’s commentary video.

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