Since 2013 and up until November of last year, I spent all of my time studying for two degrees, resulting in achieving a second class Honours Degree and a Master of Arts Degree. This included a tiny bit of partying — okay, a lot of partying — and working my arse off as a bartender, which overall created an incredible voyage of self-exploration into the world of adulthood.

Now 23 years old and with two degrees under my belt, I am truly feeling the strain of post-graduate life. I’ve learnt that four years of education just aren’t quite what employers out there are looking for these days. But hey! I have a full-time job that I enjoy most of the time, thanks to my amazing colleagues. It also helps me pay the rent every month without the assistance of my Dad’s credit card.

Writing for The Z Review is what I love doing the most right now, and when my editor and overall life guru Dan Bukszpan asked me to create my own playlist, I seethed over ideas that would be quirky, humorous or at least unique.

Instead, I eventually settled upon a playlist that not only helped me through my four years of studies, but taught me how to view my life through a much more cultivated and realistic mindset. I’ve learnt that life certainly isn’t as smooth sailing as it was when I had a huge student loan that covered my living costs and paid for countless nights out in sticky clubs; none of which I will ever set foot in again, FYI.

So here are the songs that always reminded me to power on through the deadlines and financially tight months, and most importantly, to learn and grow from the mistakes I’ve made. Even the alcohol induced ones.

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Emily Puckering is a Hull born English Language and Journalism graduate living in Manchester. Loves anything borderline 'loser' including progressive rock and drinks around seven cups of tea a day. Very much dislikes revolving doors and having her 5ft tall height ever so repeatedly commented on.

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