Celebrities. Whether one likes it or not, they have taken a hold over the entire world and are put on display for everyone to witness on a daily basis. Whether that’s on television, in magazines, in newspapers or on social media, celebrity culture has gripped the entire population of this planet.

I will honestly admit, celebrity culture is a guilty pleasure of mine. Every now and then, and I literally mean every now and then, I find myself edging towards the celebrity gossip magazines in the supermarket, or spending an hour scrolling through Kim Kardashian’s Instagram profile. I take full responsibility for my actions.

Celebrity’s lives are plastered over social media and are portrayed to look as perfect as humanly possible; as does everything else on Instagram. Everything they do in the public eye is deliberately engineered to make them look their very best and create the best image they can possibly pull off. Naturally, anyone having their photograph taken unwillingly around a thousand times a day will do the same thing, so I’m not judging.

But there’s one thing that truly presses all of my buttons. What on earth happened to the good old fashioned process of naming babies?

It seems to me that there is almost a competition going on right now in the showbiz world to have the most outrageous and unique name for the youngsters of Hollywood. Not the good kind of “unique” either. I’m going to give a few examples right now.

The Kardashian / Jenner clan collectively make it into this article. Khloe Kardashian welcomed her baby girl into the world last week and settled on an adjective rather than a noun for the name.

In perfect Kardashian fashion, sister and social media warrior Kylie welcomed her baby girl a few months prior, naming her “Stormi.” Yes, that’s spelt with an “I” instead of a “Y.”

Kim Kardashian has been rather selective over the years with the names of her three children, North, Saint and Chicago. What happened to using nouns for names? Is that not a thing anymore?

All of the new arrivals of the Kardashians and Jenners have resulted in the entire world coming to a rather brief standstill, and that’s not just the announcement of the ridiculous names. The world’s obsession with the infamous family has fuelled their desire to be noticed and has certainly benefited their bank accounts.

Personally, the public and unusual naming of the Kardashian infants is a seemingly obvious promotion of themselves; not that they could honestly get themselves any more limelight.

Of course, I myself am not a mother yet. I can’t even get a text back, never mind a baby. I am yet to experience the emotions of welcoming a child into the world and generally, the overall experience of being a mother. The one thing I can expect, however, is the fact that I will not be naming my child in order to get attention or make a statement, unlike the star-studded figures in Hollywood right now.

So I would like to announce that this rant is over. Please, for the love of God, name your babies anything you’d like; as long as it actually falls under the category of a name.

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