We here at the Z Review aren’t big into celebrity reporting; unless we’re actually sharing our legitimate commentary on the work of artists, we’d just as well leave the gossip up to the TMZs of the world. Truth is, we’ve got bigger fish to fry — mainly the bloated carp currently taking up space in the oval office. Besides, we’d like to think our audience is far too elevated for such vapid offerings. All this being said, we do understand the entertainment value of a good bathroom read. So, for those of you that bring your phones into the can, here are a collection of mindless links you can swipe through ‘til you wipe doo.

George Clooney and his wife give birth to twins.

Well actually, Amal was the one who gave birth, George just sat in a corner doing his well-worn impression of a befuddled Cary Grant.

Rihanna getting’ thick yo’.

Hey…even a fat Rihanna is a PHAT Rihanna!

Jennifer Lopez has fallen and she can’t get up.

Jennifer Lopez got stuck in a groove and had to be helped up by her backup dancers. She hasn’t been this embarrassed since the release of Gigli!

Lea Michele has a great ass…who knew?

Because…well…just because!

Kesha is snubbed by Jerry Seinfeld

Reads like an episode from his old TV show

Liam Gallagher slams his brother for not attending Manchester benefit

Aren’t they getting a bit long in the tooth for these childish spats?

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