We here at the Z Review aren’t big into celebrity reporting; unless we’re actually sharing our legitimate commentary on the work of artists, we’d just as well leave the gossip up to the TMZs of the world. Truth is, we’ve got bigger fish to fry — mainly the bloated carp currently taking up space in the oval office. Besides, we’d like to think our audience is far too elevated for such vapid offerings. All this being said, we do understand the entertainment value of a good bathroom read. So, for those of you that bring your phones into the can, here are a collection of mindless links you can swipe through ‘til you wipe doo.

Katy Perry is still complaining about Taylor Swift

Two mediocre talents locking horns over pilfered back up dancers, or some such nonsense. I’ll wait to see the movie when it comes out on sex tape.

The long-awaited return of Amanda Bynes

Oh… you don’t remember her? Well she was a teen actress of middling acclaim in the early aughts who got crackier than Britney on Benzedrine and started tweeting about her desire for Drake to ‘wreck her vagina’.

Miss Bumbum 2017 thanks her fans

Because…well…just because!

Ooops…they did it again. Russian hackers infiltrate Britney Spears’ Instagram account

If only they found a way to shut down what’s left of her career.

Kanye made Beyonce cry at the 2009 VMAs

More than eight years these nudniks have been around… eight years. The Beatles were around for seven  –chew on that.

Jon Hamm laments the woes of singledom

If this guy can’t find a good woman, there’s definitely no hope for the rest of mankind

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