Here in the U.K., Piers Morgan is the man who the nation wakes up to several days of the week on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. It is his bold and domineering attitude that us Brits get snapped awake by… or reluctantly dragged out of bed by, which would be the more appropriate term for many.

The veteran of British journalism and television is well known for making his opinions known, and isn’t afraid of a good old fashioned debate on live television. And as any British person would agree, who doesn’t love witnessing a good argument?

I personally find nothing more motivating early in the morning than watching a heated debate on live TV. The possibilities of something outrageous being said are endless.

Piers Morgan has decades of experience in the British journalism industry, after serving as a writer and editor for such major tabloids as the late News of the World and The Daily Mail. Of course, you’re not going to see him talk about those publications any more, thanks to the phone hacking scandals that came to light while he was there.

Yes, he personally denied any knowledge of, or involvement in, what was going on. But the court of British public opinion is another matter.

Since his rocky career in print journalism, Morgan has worked his way up in television. From hosting Piers Morgan Live on CNN to presenting Good Morning Britain on ITV, now since 2015, he has become the face of broadcast journalism.

Despite the backlash on Twitter since his recent announcement of signing the contract to present GMB for a further two years, I couldn’t be happier to receive this news.

Allow me to explain.

Piers Morgan has his downfalls, that goes without saying. The mere fact he is personal friends with U.S. President Donald Trump is strong evidence of this. His recent interview with the President was somewhat disappointing, as Morgan stated the issues that needed to be called upon in the commentary, rather than asking them to his face.

Rather than asking Mr. Trump why he retweeted a series of explicit tweets from Britain First leader Jayda Fransen, he simply dodged the question and went on to discuss it in the commentary. A rather cowardly move, if you ask me.

Nevertheless, I’m not here to write about how much of an arsehole and a terrible journalist Piers Morgan is. In the last few months, as I’ve manged to drag myself out of bed before 9am more and more recently, GMB has been my wakeup call. And not only is Morgan’s presence on the presenters’ panel entertaining, but I more often than not find myself agreeing with what he has to say, and feeling a strong sense of triumph when he, again and again, leaves his opponent of a guest speechless.

He says it as it is. It is truly refreshing to hear a realistic perspective to be put upon the topics discussed on the show. While many consider it to be stepping over the line, Morgan calls out those who simply need calling out.

Take for instance in 2016 when he boldly branded a woman as a “terrible mother” for sending a bill to a friend for scuffing her three-year-old’s pair of designer shoes. This woman went on to mention her daughter’s closet of over sixty pairs of designer shoes, I might add.

Any well-functioning human being would agree that this is absolutely senseless behaviour and this lady clearly needs a hard reality check; which, of course, Morgan certainly gave her. Despite the term “terrible” being extremely sharp on this high-maintenance guest, Morgan outlined perfectly the realities of parenting and that, let’s face it, spoiling a child rotten with expensive clothing and gifts is not the way to raise a self-sufficient and independent person.

I’m not a parent, so I can’t say how to raise a child. I can, however, look at the way in which my parents raised me and my sister. We weren’t spoiled, and we were brought up to share and learn to not always get what we want.

Piers clearly used his harsh methods to get this point across, and it certainly worked when his guest turned on the crocodile tears in a desperate bid for sympathy.

In the last several months since the tragic events in Las Vegas and Parkland, Florida, the debate of gun control has been a recurring topic in British news. Morgan challenged pro-gun campaigner Dan Roberts on the issue of gun control in the United States by asking him live on GMB, “What could possibly justify anyone being able to buy forty-two weapons, many of which were high powered, semi-automatic weapons?”

Throughout the duration of the interview, Roberts was unable to properly answer the questions being asked and simply challenged Morgan on his knowledge of these weapons; cowardly dodging the questions.

I felt Morgan was representing the opinion that millions hold, and he did it in a bold and courageous manner. These questions need to be asked, and it was he who did it, live on national television, for the whole world to see.

This article will not stop the mass of people who hate Piers Morgan, nor is it an attempt to give the notorious journalist a second chance. Whether one likes it or not, he isn’t afraid to call out on those who need calling out, and this is extremely empowering to witness as a young person.

He does it on behalf of Great Britain, and he will be on the world’s television screens for many years to come, doing what he does best — telling the news, as it is.

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