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fIREHOSE –Resurrected from the ashes of the classic hardcore/jazz/country/rock band, the Minutemen – after frontman D. Boon’s tragic early death – fIREHOSE retained the same jittery gallop in its iconic rhythm section (Mike Watt, George Hurley on bass and drums respectively) and benefitted from the infusion of power and melody provided by vocalist/guitarist Ed Crawford. The welcomed result was, essentially, a more focused and radio-ready Minutemen.

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  1. My most underrated bands are: Trapeze, Audience, Robin Trower, Sweet, UFO, Black Oak Arkansas, Rare Earth,

  2. Jonathan Richter on

    The Kinks and Buffalo Springfield are both in the Rock Hall of Fame. Not sure how you call that “underrated”.

    • Jonathan Richter on

      Meanwhile, Yes was just admitted to the Hall in 2017. I discovered them when I was in college in the 80s when they had already penned the albums Time And A Word, The Yes Album, Fragile, Close To The Edge, Going For The One, and the criminally unknown Tormato among others. They should have been in the Hall then. That it took another 30 years is what I call underrated.

  3. How about Love??? Forever Changes was named best album of all time in a list I saw somewhere. They certainly were a great group with great songwriting from Arthur Lee and Brian McLean.

  4. The Kinks were genius personified. Even their early 80’s output was the template for the pop-power-punk movement. They wrote the same song a number of different times and it worked. Every. Time. ‘Destroyer’ is as good as ‘You Really Got Me’. Which is as good as ‘All Day And All Of The Night’. The Kinks rule.

  5. Song for song over a consistent period of time there has not been one band or songwriter who can touch The KinKs or Ray Davies they were and still are the best & greatest band of all time – God save them!

  6. Number one over rated journalist of top ten lists goes to this ass hat Steve Chalk.

  7. People say The Kinks lived under the shadow of Beatles,Stones The Who.
    Those who really know their discography,know it’s a big stupidity!

  8. The Kinks, Celluloid Heroes, is one of the greatest songs of all time. Absolute genius

  9. I hear my parents gripe about Moby Grape’s overlooked music quite often. Soundgarden is a solid inclusion in this list too …they were one of my generation’s underrated bands, and they continue to influence bands today, whether or not bands and listeners realize it. Thank you for the solid article with great insights​! There are a few that I should rediscover, like Bread. I might add Spirit and Captain Beyond as a couple more ‘shoulda-beens’ of the 60’s and 70’s, and perhaps Blind Melon from the 90’s.

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