I’m not a fan of Millennials. They’re an insufferable lot, congenitally solipsistic and fragile as a bag of bargain brand tortilla chips. Moreover, they are a generation of followers, wholly unable to formulate their own opinions on any subject. They merely parrot terminology and jargon related to everything from body empowerment to intersectional feminism to the Trans Pacific Partnership. Do they ever really know what the hell they’re talking about? No. But they sure love to hear themselves talk. They are hopelessly starved for attention, desperate for recognition – it’s their highest aspiration. But recognized for what? Those twinky little video clips they’re always posting on Instagram? Fucking selfie generation. Truth be told, Millennials make me sick.

Generation Z — or as some call them ‘post millennials’ — are a different story altogether. These are the kids born after 1998…the kids who’ve been in the news of late sticking it to the NRA. They are articulate, direct, passionate and well informed. They are also extemporaneous, unflappable and they call BS! In short, they are leaders – not followers. Oh…and they will be voting in the mid-term election.

Republicans should be scared as hell…and Democrats – you better watch your as too. They’re not going to be content with the regular Diane Feinstein, Adam Schiff ineffectuality. Fuck that. They’re looking for change, real change, and they want it now!

So, why are these two generations so different? Or to put it bluntly, why is Generation Z so badass and the Millennials so untenable? Well, every generation has its own inherent traits and characteristics borne from their specific environment and place in time. But if you ask me, it’s all about who raised them. Millennials are the devil spawn of the Baby Boomers – another fucked collective of craven narcissists. Generation Z, on the other hand, are the offspring of Generation X…my generation. Generation X are engaged with their children…invested in them. They are encouraging and nurturing without being delusional. They didn’t raise snowflakes — they raised winners. They also know enough to realize that their own generation was sort of a major failure. Sure, we invented the internet and taught the world how to use it. Yes, we were the last generation that produced any great music. Of course, we are also the folks that continue to make the best movies and TV. Even still, we were never able to sell ourselves…we took a backseat to the boomers, became subsumed by their attention whoring. They sucked all the oxygen out of the room and we went along with it.

Generation Z, however, don’t play that shit.

They are unindoctrinated and outspoken. Hallelujah! Now, that may be partly due to the fact that they haven’t been through the academic sausage mill yet. Still, something tells me they will stand strong. They don’t strike me as individuals that will be content to merely parrot talking points. They do not have that Bernie or buster mentality. They will be resolute and committed – confident in their competence. They have been given the tools to succeed and they are more interested in effecting change than blithering on about inane topics like ‘freeing the nipple’.

For the first time in a very long while, I have hope. I believe in these kids and have every faith that they are going to move the ball forward. Hey, maybe we’ll even get some great music and art out of them too…that would just be the cherry on top. I will be following their progress with pride. The Millennials can continue stick their pinheads up their own rectums for all I care. Ultimately, they will become a side note in history. They do not have the tenacity of their boomer parents. They will not subsume the Z – nothing will.

So, go get ‘em kids…we’re all counting on you. I know you can save us all from ourselves.

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  1. Gabrielle Byrnes on

    Hey man, as a member of gen z, I’m gonna kindly ask you to not. I know you think you’re complimenting us, but to me what this article seems to be doing is using us to talk about how much you hate those ‘wretched millennials.’ If you want to talk about how inspiring my generation is, talk about us. Don’t compare us to the generation that came before. Here’s why I felt that your article was more about Millenial-bashing than gen Z empowering:
    You used a photo of Emma Gonzalez, a student leader and survivor from Parkland who has helped to organize the March for Our Lives and much of the growing student-driven activism surrounding gun control. However, you don’t talk about her accomplishments, or the accomplishments of my generation.
    You actually don’t talk about us much. You talk about your own generation and the baby boomer generation, but mostly you talk about Millenials. You talk about how awful and stupid and narcissistic they are and then tag on something at the end about how ‘gen Z isn’t like that!’
    Even when you talk about our own goals and political concerns, you talk about them in contrast to what Millenials political concerns were/are.
    To conclude this comment; please, if you want to talk about us, talk about US. Talk about our concerns, our leaders, our accomplishments. Talk about how we’re starting a revolution, because we are. But don’t make us complicit in your hatred for an entire generation. Thank you for your time.

    • P. C. Dettmann on behalf of Reuben Levy on

      Reuben responds:-

      Hi Gabrielle,

      I understand what you’re saying — well noted. I would, however, like to toss out a couple of thoughts not in defense of the article but rather to speak to its intent. First, this was written weeks ago, before the march, before all the great accomplishments these brave kids had made. It was an off the cuff commentary, hardly in depth. Second, it was not specifically about Generation Z but also about the Millennials, and I suppose Gen X and the Boomers — although they are not in the title. I have no doubt in the days ahead, The Z Review and other outposts will be talking about your generation not in contrast to others but solely for your contributions to the world, which I hope — and believe — will be substantial.

      Thanks for reading and for your response.

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