For those who’ve always wondered what a dinosaur actually looks like first-hand, now you’ve got your chance. Late last week, the incredible discovery of a 110 million year old dino-fossil was unveiled at the Royal Tyrrell museum in Alberta Canada. The horned, dragon-like beast is so perfectly preserved it’s even got its original skin and guts attached!

As Caleb Brown, a postdoctoral researcher at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, enthused, “We have a dinosaur as it would have been.”

The creature’s official name is an armor-plated nodosaur. It was a 3,000-pound plant-eater – which means it wasn’t a man eating dragon, and most probably did not breathe fire. Still, who knows? Looking at this thing, it really does look remarkably like something out of King Arthur.

Researchers have spent more than 7,000 hours and over five years of chipping to free the fossil from its rocky tomb. At one point, they even had a butter fingers moment, smashing it into pieces in 2011. But don’t worry, they managed to put it all back together fully intact.

Take a look for yourself, it’s truly an astonishing sight.

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