First off, I’m flabbergasted. I honestly thought Roy Moore would not only win, but win by about 10 points. So, ok – pleasant surprise. But, I will say this, all this talk in the media about how ‘decency won out’ is complete garbage. Over 73 per cent of white men in Alabama voted for Roy Moore. Over 65 per cent of white women in Alabama voted for Roy Moore.

White Alabama has still got shit for brains.

It wasn’t about ‘decency’. Maybe a few rednecks stayed home out of shame, but that’s about it. Doug Jones was elected because the black vote went out in force – period. Despite all of the facts and allegations of Moore’s pedophilia, racism and general lunacy, the majority of whites in Alabama chose him to represent their numbnutz, porridge-brained, fuckface state. So, yeah – no accolades for Alabama…sorry. As for the black and Latino population that did the right thing and voted – good for you…you did what you should have done. Believe me, having Moore as a senator would have not done you any favors, so well done — you exercised your inalienable right and voted for your interests.

To the minority of whites that voted for Jones – what do you want? A fucking medal?

So, ok…good. Alabama – despite its white population’s best efforts – wound up not looking like the shit for brains state it is last night. Now – what’s next? What’s the impact? Well, the immediate effect is that the Dems have one more senator, isn’t it? Which will make it just that much harder for Republicans to get any of their nefarious agenda through congress. What else? Trump looks like an impotent, flabby, tangerine, flaccid micropenis – he’s weakened….and probably pissed the hell off. So, expect a lot of heads to roll and even more unhinged tweeting the next few weeks. Also – Bannon’s done. His syphilitic punim has become public enemy one, amongst ‘establishment’ Repubs. Good. I love to see those fuckfaces eat themselves alive.

Still, I never count them out. Republicans are like herpes…they may go in remission for a while, but they always come back.

Speaking of heads rolling, anyone else notice that Omarosa, Trump’s head liaison to the black community, is leaving to pursue other opportunities? You think it may have something to do with blacks coming out in droves to rebuke the talking yam to vote for Doug Jones? You think?

Alright, golf claps for Alabama…the podunk nimrods that brought us greatest hits like the ‘16th Street Baptist Church bombing’ in Birmingham and the Rosa parks bus incident in Montgomery…not to mention all the slavery, segregation and mayhem…voted for the guy who wasn’t accused of molesting children. Whoopdydoo…good for you.

Just, don’t tell me it’s about ‘decency’ when the majority of white people in your state, still suck donkey scrotum – hard.

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