Democrats are too stupid to breathe.

As Trump, a self-admitted sexual predator, continues to tear apart the fabric of this country and Roy Moore, an accused pedophile, gains in the polls of his Senate race in Alabama, Al Franken was forced to resign today, for alleged groping.

Let me first say this unequivocally – I don’t believe the allegations, it smells of a Republican hit job and most likely it is. That doesn’t matter, however, because when it comes to liberal democrats, they’d rather err on the side of purity than give anyone the benefit of the doubt. Their ‘purity’ handed Trump the election last year, when they couldn’t stomach Clinton’s Wall Street ties and supposed chronic mendacity. And now, they’ve lost a Senate seat in Minnesota that will most likely be handed over to a Republican. Al Franken has been a fantastic Senator. He caught Jeff Sessions in his lies and held his feet to the fire. He was a valuable member of the Senate…someone with intelligence and heart. But they did not hesitate to push him out.

Too stupid to breathe.

Even if Franken got handsy with a few women, to conflate his behavior with Trump, Weinstein and Moore is sickening. But there you have it, he’s the one resigning – out of ‘purity’. There’s nothing pure about this – it stinks to high heaven. Democrats have only screwed themselves over this. And all the female Senators that called on him to resign, well, they did themselves no favors. There will be a backlash over this campus mentality, broad stroke, faddish, parrot brained witch hunt. It will be to the detriment of real victims of abuse, harassment and assault. Women will be less likely to be mentored by men in positions of power for fear of being accused of inappropriate behavior. Women will be less likely to be voted in to positions of power. Women do not benefit from treating the subject of abuse with bandwagon inconsistency.

As for Democrats, nice job…you threw a good man to the wolves over allegations. Allegations made during a time where Republicans and supporters of Trump would do anything to distract the public from their nefarious tax agenda and the fact that the president is a deranged lunatic who is under investigation for being a traitor. Did you think at all that it might be possible that this is a set up? No? I might also add, that he has gone on record to say he did not do these acts. In fact, during his resignation speech, he offered no apologies to the accusers. Good for him.

So, there you have it…Trump the pussy grabber gets off scot free…Roy Moore will most likely be voted into the Senate…and it’s adios Al. You’ve really got to hand it to the Democrats… too stupid to breathe. They don’t deserve to win back a majority in congress. Let them get anally raped by their own petard of purity. Hand the country over to the muldoons, nimrods, and the abjectly craven.

I’m done.

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