Dear readers, The Z Review is pleased to bring you another Generation Vexed podcast.

Our staff are a verbose bunch by nature, prone to rambling conversation and rampant pontification. So, in an effort to exercise our tongues while exorcising our grudges, complaints and shpilkes, we will be taking to the microphone to gab — at length — about the news of the day and the vagaries of the human condition. As we are all card carrying members of Generation X, we will use that commonality as a springboard to go deep…balls deep. Deep space balls nine…the deep dive.

In today’s cast, Dan golden throat’ Bukszpan, Jessica Jones and Reuben Levy discuss the impact of Generation X on Millennials. Is it our fault they suck so hard? Do they actually suck that hard? What has been the influence of Generation X on society… can’t we just blame it all on the Baby Boomers?

We’ll try and answer these burning questions and more. So Sit back, relax your crack and enjoy the show. Click here to listen.

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