A year has passed since America made the decision to elect Donald Trump to the highest office in the land. And what a decision it was. Since then, we’ve gone through the looking glass. Our dreams and illusions have been shattered, blowing out the woofer and tweeter of the total sound system – only the sound of static remains. Our nation has been dealt a psychic blow from which we will forever be scarred. The scales have fallen from our eyes. We’re all bummed. However, I do see signs of hope.

  • Bipartisanship. I know we’re still divided as hell, but despite our entrenched allegiances, the total irrationality of Trump seems to have brought out the saner voices of the Republican party. The repeal of Obamacare tanked with bipartisan support, and there has been admonishment by the right over the way the president has handled everything from North Korea to the protests in Charlottesville. Most recently, there’s a joint effort bubbling to check the president’s authority to use our nukes..
  • Democrats went out to vote. On November 6th, the Dems finally racked up some victories. They even got a member of the transgender community elected. Was it all a referendum on Trump? You bet. Voter turnout was high and Republicans seemed a tick less enthusiastic about heading out to the polling booths. Does it mean Democrats are a shoo in to win back the House and Senate in 2018? Not by a long shot. But at least it’s a step in the right direction.
  • We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore. The discontent with the talking yam in the oval office has spilled over into every aspect of our daily existence. We can see it in the NFL protests and our reaction to the myriad allegations of sexual assault by men in positions of power. We will no longer sit mute while these sorts of injustices ravage innocent lives.
  • The wheels of justice turn slowly but exceedingly fine. It seems every other day another piece of the puzzle is coming to light in the Russia probe. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is doing his job. He’s netting the minnows to catch the tangerine Moby Dick. We don’t have the full picture…yet. But It’s becoming more and more clear. Trump has got his head so far up Putin’s ass, he’s tasting borsht. On his recent trip to Asia, he announced that he believed Vlad over our intelligence agencies when the Russian leader denied meddling in our election. He later had to walk the statement back. The man is screwed…painted into a red corner. If it was the Kremlin’s hope that they could run roughshod over our democracy in an attempt to get their sanctions lifted, it ain’t gonna happen.
  • We’re communicating with each other. Sure, we’re fighting a lot, but I strongly believe it’s more constructive than destructive. We are all Americans in the end. We’re not quite there yet, but I think we’re ultimately going to tire of the anger and begin to unite. Don’t get me wrong, we’ll all be a bit worse for wear and will have to change the way we talk about the bigger issues – race, gender, sexuality, inequality, etc… — but the blather is unsustainable. We have no choice but to cobble together an armistice. There may never be a kumbaya moment, but perhaps a grudging acceptance is all we need.


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