It is time to go back to the upside down.

The Netflix original series “Stranger Things” has taken over the world since the release of season one in July 2016. The Duffer Brothers ticked every box of the sci-fi / horror / fantasy / supernatural genre, and after a gentle nudge into “Netflix binge” territory, “Stranger Things” quickly became one of the streaming service’s most watched TV shows.

Set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in the 1980s, the drama focuses upon the disappearance of a young boy in the midst of supernatural events. While his family, friends and the authorities try to figure out what happened to him, the drama also circulates around a young girl named “Eleven,” who has psychokinetic abilities and helps track down the missing youngster in a seemingly parallel universe.

It’s enough to fulfil anyone’s inner fantasy geek.

I have pleaded guilty several times to being a serial Netflix binger. My own personal record was an entire series of “House M.D.” in one day (I love you Hugh Laurie!).

“Stranger Things” fulfilled my binging addiction, with its combinations of nail-biting cliff hangers, cracking comedy and sinister darkness. I simply couldn’t get enough, and neither could anyone else.

With the show’s success, the announcement of season two aroused curiosity about how it could possibly top the season one. That one ended with Will, the rescued youngster from “the upside down,” realising that he was not, in fact, freed from that dystopian universe. This absolute killer of a finale sky-rocketed across the world, resulting in everyone bracing themselves for the return.

Season two focuses strongly on Will’s journey into realising his connection with “the upside down” and how his ever-so-lovable friends and family work together to conquer the dark forces that begin to take over their lives.

Not to worry for those hardcore horror fans out there. With endless morbidity and spine-tingling darkness, “Stranger Things” has yet again accomplished the perfect fantasy horror genre.

Without revealing too much, I am pleased to report that Eleven makes her inevitable return. I personally feared that she wouldn’t be featured this season, but my months of prayers were answered by the Gods that are the Duffer Brothers. By delving further into her dysfunctional and rather disturbingly scientific background, season two opens the doors to Eleven’s life and her connections to this dystopian universe.

For those who haven’t yet embarked upon this fantastic yet eerie journey, I would highly recommend that you do so. Immediately. Subscribe to Netflix, rearrange plans… book a day or two off work if you must! “Stranger Things 2” has brought us the ultimate follow-up to one of the most talked about series of the year, and it certainly lives up to its great expectations.

9.0 Recommended

For those who haven’t yet embarked upon this fantastic yet eerie journey, I would highly recommend that you do so.

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