Another day, another mass shooting.

Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, opened fire on the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas on Sunday, killing at least 26 and wounding 20. Unlike his call for definitive action in last week’s NYC murders, Donald Trump said it was too early to fully discuss it, calling the incident a ‘mental health issue’ and not about guns. He said the same thing about Las Vegas. I guess, when it comes to white murderers, it’s all about some mental aberration – a momentary lapse of reason…a big oopsie.

Nothing will be done about gun control, because Americans will never give them up. These shootings sway no one – so be it. The NRA has got the Republican party – and many Dems – in their back pocket. They are bought and paid for. So, I say, let’s just stop reporting on these mass shootings. Keep it to the local news. I don’t want to be complicit in the murder porn. Gun control is off the table, so what else is there to be discussed? The gory details of each individual event? Spare me – I’m not interested.

Every election cycle, Americans have the privilege of voting for leaders that will look out for their best interests, and yet, each time they choose morally bereft nimrods who are only concerned with their own ambitions and the richest one percent who fund them. Why? You know why…

Americans are racist.

Americans love their guns.

Americans are under-educated.

Americans cling to their religion.

Americans are fearful.

Democrats don’t know how to reach this voting bloc. They are too concerned with their identity politics – you don’t win elections with identity politics. Moreover, they are a mealy mouthed, mamby pamby collective of spineless dipsydoodles who never call the Republicans out on their craven machinations.

It’s hopeless.

So, to all the national media outposts out there who are providing 24 hour coverage of these death events – save it. No one cares. You’re not ‘raising awareness’ you’re merely attempting to generate ratings through your snuff reporting.

I’ll tell you what you can do, however, call out the leaders in congress on their lies…not ‘untruths’…fucking lies! Turn up the heat on Trump, amp up the Mueller stories – he hates them, and angry people slip up. Keep the pedal to the metal. Don’t interrupt the stories on the president and his coterie of Russian taint lickers with these mass death reports. Let the local news cover it.

Americans will only offer their thoughts and prayers – while they continue to silo themselves in their bubble of willful ignorance.

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