In a recent post, I wrote what I thought would be the ultimate impact of the Weinstein scandal:

“Let me be clear, I’m not making light of the topic of harassment, but I know human nature. I also understand, that we are living in an age of hyper-political correctness and gang mentality. The policers, arbiters and prigs are committed to their self-appointed role of defining our societal laws. Hey, what am I gonna deny them? Who’d listen to me, anyway? I’m from Generation X…I’m a dinosaur. I guess what I’m trying to say is, the ultimate impact of Weinstein will be just more fodder for the self-proclaimed societal arbiters and an increased feeling of division and isolation among us all.”

Sad to say, my prediction is already coming to pass. A new story about George H.W. Bush and his ‘sexual assault’ of two young actresses has been breaking all over the internet. People are outraged that a few years ago, he reached up from his wheelchair to pat these ladies on the behind during a photo op.


To conflate the accounts of women who’ve been raped, threatened and abused by the likes of Weinstein and Cosby with a 93 year old, wheelchair-bound man does an injustice to these victims. Now, is it sketchy to get your ass touched by a doddering geriatric? Yeah, I suppose…but seriously – is that an assault? No fucking way. If Barbara Bush copped a quick feel off of me, it would be a tale I’d tell my grandchildren – and I’m not even a goddamned Republican!

For decades, people like Cosby and Weinstein got away scot free with their criminal behavior…no one said a word. Everyone was too afraid of jeopardizing their budding careers. Of course, now it’s in vogue to add your voice to the discussion – ad nauseum. So, these women are coming forward with their ‘horror story’ – how brave…how empowered they must feel. Give me a break. If I was a survivor of rape, I would be pissed well off.

Ironic isn’t it? All those years, people didn’t speak up for fear of ruining their career…now everyone and their mother is getting in on the action, in order to advance their career.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe sexual harassment/abuse/assault is a very serious thing. Many people have dedicated their lives to advocate for victims, help them through recovery, and prosecute the men responsible. But, to turn it all into a joke with this false equivalency is absurd. What’s next? “I was ogled by Gavin McCleod 35 years ago at a Love Boat wrap party”?

The outrage police should not be allowed to hijack every issue with their parrot brained, false equivalencies and blather. Abuse is far too grave a concern. To diminish the conversation with such rubbish is a slap in the face to those who’ve suffered at the hand of monsters like Weinstein. It would be as if some dipsydoodle showed up at a support group for cancer survivors with a hangnail.

It’s time to get a fucking grip.

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