Louis CK has a bit where he talks about women taking their lives into their own hands whenever they go out on dates with men they don’t know. It’s a funny insight and pretty goddamned true.

Of course, especially in wake of the Weinstein scandal, the speculation surrounding Louis and his alleged sexual misconduct adds an unsettling layer of ick to his observation. According to the loud whispers, he whipped out his penis and jerked off in front of fellow comedian Jen Kirkman. For the record, Kirkman denies that it happened, but it’s still been a nagging issue for  CK – one which he has essentially brushed off. Tig Notaro, has been a major figure in this controversy, beseeching Louis to address the allegations and even writing an episode of her series One Mississippi based on the rumored event.

So, what are we all supposed to believe?

I, for one, am reticent to crucify the guy without any definitive proof or confirmation. However, I will say the whole ‘jerking off’ bit sounds eerily similar to Weinstein and his potted plant. So, in that sense it seems plausible that it could have happened. But, barring any concrete testimony, is it fair to comment? This is the conundrum. I’m sure there were many in the industry that heard rumors about Weinstein — were they supposed to discuss them openly?

I don’t know.

What will be the far-reaching impact of Weinstein, I wonder? One thing I’m sure of, it won’t have an effect whatsoever on men who were born without empathy…who are predisposed to violence…who are governed by their fetishes. Harvey Weinstein is one of these men…so is Bill Cosby. They have lived their lives outside the boundaries of societal convention. Whatever new paradigm shifts around the whole shebang, people like them will continue to prey upon their victims because they are hardwired to do so. And if you add power and wealth into the mix, they will always be protected by those who fear their wrath or seek their influence.

That being said, moving forward, I believe the ‘average’ Joe will be less inclined to act on their prurient impulses, soliciting women they don’t know. There’ll definitely be less dick pics and online sex talk — a great relief, I’m sure, to ladies around the world. General male/female interaction will be effected as well.  Just as the homophobic epithets that were common when I grew up are now completely inappropriate, so will be commenting on a woman’s appearance under any circumstances – unless in a documented relationship, witnessed by a minyan. No more will perverse, sexist remarks like, “You look nice today” be hurled at innocent female passersby like so many rocks to the head.  Also, when asking someone out on a date, full written consent will be required.

“Can I ask you if it’s okay to ask you out for a drink?”

Let me be clear, I’m not making light of the topic of harassment, but I know human nature. I also understand, that we are living in an age of hyper-political correctness and gang mentality. The policers, arbiters and prigs are committed to their self-appointed role of defining our societal laws. Hey, what am I gonna deny them? Who’d listen to me, anyway? I’m from Generation X…I’m a dinosaur. I mean, it wasn’t like I was brought up in a ‘Mad Men’ environment, but let’s face it…it was still a time steeped in misogyny and casual racism. So, I just shut up — fine. It’s no skin off my ass, really. Truth be told, I was never one of those smiley Caputos, always tipping their hat to the ladies on the street. Hell, I’ve never even approached a woman in a bar — I’ve always waited for them to make the first move.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, the ultimate impact of Weinstein will be just more fodder for the self-proclaimed societal arbiters and an increased feeling of division and isolation among us all.

As for Louis CK – if he really did do it…people need to come forward and confirm it. If that ain’t happening, I’m not going to help destroy someone’s career over a rumor…no matter how plausible it is.

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