Week after week, we see the New York Office unleash their views on Trump. He’s journalism gold. And week after week, we have to make do with Brexit here in London. Until today. Oh happy joy! Trump has waded into UK politics, so without further ado, we will wade into Trump.

Here it is, in all its comedic glory.

Well, where to start? At least he got one thing right: crime figures do show a 13% rise since last year. But only in England and Wales, not the whole of the UK. But before we go into that, crime in the UK is still very low. Nobody gets shot, except by police, and very rarely at that. So yes, a 13% rise, but from a level roughly equivalent to a midwest prairie on a winter’s night.

Strangely enough, it has forced your correspondent to ally with the red Left. Here’s former Labour leader Ed Milliband: What an absolute moron. And vinegar tits herself, Yvette Cooper:-

“Hate crime in the UK has gone up by almost 30% and rubbish like this tweet from Donald Trump is designed to provoke even more of it. If we are to properly tackle hate crime and every other crime, we have to challenge this kind of nonsense.”

Tom Watson, Labour Deputy Leader? He said: Officer, I’d like to report a hate crime.

But before we all get too clever with ourselves, Trump is not to blame. He was only watching some odd report from the propaganda outlet known as One America News Network. If you will watch rubbish on TV, is there any wonder you get a strange view of reality? Their website is basically “onan.com

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