We all know by now that Donald Trump is a rich, obtuse talking yam with all the empathy of a goddamned gila monster. He is clinically solipsistic, congenitally narcissistic…he’s a complete horse’s rectum. Still, his comment to Myeshia Johnson, the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson who died in a combat operation in Niger, is not nearly the most insensitive thing he’s ever done or said. In fact, I’ll even go as far to say that I agree with him when he told Ms. Johnson that her husband “knew what he signed up for.”

Now, before you all get your scrotums in a twist, listen up. Trump was elected president after he made fun of a reporter with a disability…after he said John McCain was no hero…after he said he enjoyed sexually assaulting women – so why all the outrage now? Let’s also not forget, that the vast majority of those serving in the military voted for him. So, they were alright with his little hobby of grabbing women by the pussy? Why? Did those women he assaulted ‘know what they were signing up for?’

Yeah, no dice.

Since his election, Donald has made enough callous, thoughtless, inane, and cruel remarks to fill five volumes of Bartlett’s Quotations – douchebag edition – but him saying a soldier knows what he signs up for was not one of them. When you enlist in the military and go out on a dangerous mission, it’s obvious there’s always a possibility you’re not coming back. That’s part of the job. The fact that people are losing their shit about this incident is ludicrous. I’ve even heard many talking heads in the media laughably state that this is ‘the straw that breaks the camel’s back.’

Give me a break.

When he compared white supremacists to peaceful protesters, that was acceptable? When he provokes North Korea with his lunatic ramblings, that’s fine? When he says the FBI, Democrats and Russia are conspiring against him, that’s reasonable?

Sorry, folks – you can’t have it both ways…and that goes double for people serving in the military. You guys are supposed to be the ultimate Americans, right? Yet, you’re always voting for lizard brains like this guy. Donald is a rich prick who evaded military service in a time of war. You’re fine with that, but you’re all buttsore because he spoke the truth about your profession. A test pilot knows there’s always a chance that he’ll wind up in pieces on the ground…a cop knows he’s in danger every time he goes on duty…a race car driver…a rodeo clown…these are dangerous occupations. There is no draft – no one forced you to serve.

Maybe next time, you might try voting with your heart and mind and not merely align yourselves with the Republicans because they’re the party of guns and Jesus…or because as a soldier you’re expected to. Choices have consequences – both as a soldier and as an American citizen. If you sign up for the army, one potential consequence is that you might die on the battlefield. If you vote for a guy like Trump…chances are he’s going to fuck up this country beyond recognition or even — perish the thought — hurt your feelings.

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