This Weinstein story, as expected, is getting worse by the minute.

More and more women are coming forward, that video of Emma Thompson, the clip of Courtney Love, and just a few minutes ago our Editor-in-Chief, Co-Founder here at The Z, Jessica Dorfman Jones reported that Roy Price has begun to pay a price for sexually harassing a colleague and ignoring claims made by other employees about his business partner…guess who – Harvey!

Annnnnnnnnnnd, his fiancée dumped his ass.

One of the other repercussions is the hashtag that has caught fire – #MeToo.

Alyssa Milano (friend of Rose McGowan, a big accuser of HW’s) started it at 4:21 pm yesterday on Twitter.  As of this very minute – 11:47 am, it’s been retweeted 14,633 times and liked 29,430 times, with 39,997 comments.  I didn’t get hip to it until around 11 pm when it appeared on every other Facebook post in my feed.

Some women are just reposting the message Alyssa wrote, “If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet” – some are sharing their experiences.

I am a grown ass, black woman — and I am sick of this shit. So thank you Alyssa Milano…here is my background.

Those of you who know me have read my stories about me defending myself by…

1 – Breaking noses.

2 – Snapping fingers.

3 – Kicking scrotums inside out.

4 – Flipping/slamming on the ground.

5 – Throats punched.

6 – Ears clapped

7 – Putting my foot in asses.

8 – Pushing, shoving, slapping, deflecting, twisting, wringing hands and arms of assholes who have “accidentally” bumped into, rubbed up against, brushed their hand(s) against/directly touched/palmed/grabbed, squeezed me.

9 – Yelling, screaming, walking away, trying to talk sense.

And I’ve been defending other women by:

1 – Standing between them and some damned fool.

2 – The instant I can recognize that she’s not comfortable, I pretend I know the woman and step in to get her out of the situation.

3 – Confronting the guy.

4 – Taking the woman by her hand and walking away.

5 – Shouting down the guy who’s mad because I foiled his bullshit.

I want men to hear my story…my quotidian existence, because many of y’all still do not get it!

Please…instead of mansplaining, just shut the fuck up, listen, and learn how to really have our back. Talk to your bros about the shit they do when you see it/hear it.

I will bet a sawbuck on the fact that 99.999999% of the women in your life have to deal with some form of fuckery on a daily basis — a lascivious glance, a careless whisper – an unwanted touch. Think about it.

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  1. I’m glad I live in the same world as Crystal. Her work in education alone is worthy of a Nobel prize. Keep fighting the good fight d

  2. Cynthia Santiglia on

    Even though scientifcally speaking it is innate, sometimes there’s that nanosecond where, I believe just MAYBE there is a consciousness around making the choice of fight or flight. What you say here is inspirational, embedded into my craw and something to draw on the next time my consciousness is called to a response. In other words, empowering. Thank you.

  3. I admire both your emotional and mental strength, as well as your physical strength. Who knows how many women you saved by snapping fingers and breaking noses? MEN, DO BETTER!

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