Earlier today, Twitter closed Rose McGowan’s (actor, director, producer) account. She’s a sane, accomplished veteran of the movie industry, why silence her?

Rose McGowan was one of the first people to make bold public statements and gestures regarding the brutal misogyny in the film industry. Her frustration, anger, and disbelief moved her to do what so many other women in entertainment have not done.  McGowan spoke out.  She still speaks out.  She names names, identifies who did what, and publicizes the negative consequences of their actions.  Rose McGowan has been holding the torch for women in Hollywood for years; sure, she’s an activist and a thorn in some people’s sides, but why go after her now?

McGowan has made lambasting Harvey Weinstein part of her career as an activist. Prior to last week, the accounts she related to media sources were reported, but with a bit of skepticism. If no one else was saying what she was, why assume she was saying the absolute truth?  Maybe she just had an axe to grind?

She did and does have an axe to grind.  It’s the same one she’s been honing for years.  The difference between now and then is that her stories are being corroborated left and right.  Her voice has helped other women who had endured sexual assault years ago to come forward, as well as women who suffered being Weinsteined more recently.  Rose McGowan’s record of interviews and social media posts have created one of the Weinstein camp’s worst nightmares. She created a very, very long timeline that has to be accounted for by Harvey as well as the cascade of enablers working for or with him.

I looked at what the terms of twitter misconduct are.  If you’d like to check it out, click here: https://support.twitter.com/articles/18311

McGowan hasn’t violated any of them. I’m a lawyer.  I know things.

The only public figure to blatantly disregard these rules is, of course, Donald Trump.

Twitter has shown its colors.  Rose McGowan got shut down; Trump got 140 more characters.

What else has to be outed before the public will acknowledge that there is big business in burying the misdeeds of male power-brokers by keeping women, the people on whom they prey, silent?

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  1. I cant understand why all this women never complaint or went to the press before! Misuse of power is something wrong and should be tackled but did he actually forcefully raped these women’s or did they sold there soul to the devil? That the big question!

  2. This article is full of shit. The author is saying that Rose didn’t break any of Twitter’s rules –

    “McGowan hasn’t violated any of them. I’m a lawyer. I know things.”

    – Clearly fucking not. Rose posted someone’s phone number, which is against Twitter policy, and that’s the reason she got banned.

    Not only that, but her account didn’t get “closed,” as stated by the author of the article, it was a temporary ban and is now back up and running.

    By the way, I’m in full support of Rose and I think Weinstein is a fat, ugly, pig-faced piece of shit that belongs in jail. But that’s no excuse for bad journalism. This type of shit only makes things worse.

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    • I liked your article until you stated POTUS was the only one violating Twitter misconduct rules. This is blatantly false. There is much worse being posted and you know it. The story should be about Ms. McGowan and not your political biases. I thought reporters were supposed to be neutral and just report facts (true facts that is).

      • Worse than threatening nuclear war on a nation of 24 million? Tell me about it, please. What about when he directs hate toward some individuals with a Twitter handle?

        Mentioning Trump is appropriate. He’s also a sexual predator and violates many Twitter rules. It doesn’t get the ban due to his influence and enormous reach. Twitter is worth more when he tweets.

      • Wow, I read the artical and it sure is convincing. I would like to point out several key things though. You mentioned in the artical that you were a lawyer. I have never before read a case were a lawyer presents an argument without providing evidence for review. Whilst you may be true in your thinking you also may be wrong. You did at no point draw from any factual information other than pointing out how others have reacted. We have many examples of how humans will copy, enforce and like their piers behaviour to obtain recognition. A court of law should decide if the guy is guilty not random people with random thoughts.

  4. Seriously people. Get over your hate for our President. It’s hard for people to come together on things when there is this big divide. Find people to be friends with that have differing opinions from you, and like them. Talk to them. Maybe even love them. Quit hating all people. Quit identifying yourselves with race, religion and sex. Step out of your comfort zones and have serious heart to heart talks with everyone. God bless you all.

    • What are you even talking about JAMES FROM MN? if that really who you are? The article is from a lawyer. I don’t support companies that have double standards like twitter does. You haven’t being paying attention much and all of congress knows trumps is unstable, they just admitted inadvertently-they are scared of him. They are keeping things hidden from the president and these are Republicans, Republicans or the cabinet needs to have some courage and stand up to him. Even though, I registered with one party, I am independent. That one General is keeping us from having a nuclear war. Trump would never fire (I believe he is a four star general) even if he was told no. The president may say go ahead but the general can stop it. I can tell he doesn’t want the job, but he doing it keep trumps hands off the button. If you want to get into the the bible. You might want to look in the bible under false prophet. Trump fits it real well.

      • I’m just trying to get people to come together. I’ve never labeled our President as a prophet. Personally, I don’t look to Trump for some sort of moral path to enlightenment. I choose to go to church, learn from the Bible and friends of faith to keep me spiritually enlightened. On the subject of General Kelly, I agree he serves the President well. I also think he is a man of great integrity. You should watch his press conference from yesterday, 10-12-17. He has our President’s back. If you think that our President doesn’t care about his family or our country, I’d say you’re foolish. He would never put them or us in harms way by pushing that button. Have a good day, Greg.

        • I’m glad you want people to come together, but it seems like you only want them to come together to support the causes that you support. What if they came together in opposition to Trump? Would you still be happy that “people were able to come together?”

          Also, on a side note, I never understood other Christians who support Trump. He golfs instead of honoring the Sabbath (4th Commandment). He threatens war (on twitter) when killing is against the 6th Commandment. And I don’t know about you, but grabbing women’s genitals seems like adultery to me (7th Commandment).

          It just seems to me that you are either a Trump supporter or a good Christian, but you can’t be both.

  5. You had me until the unneeded shots at Trump. He has nothing to do with this. It makes you seem petty.

    • Michael Strollo on

      There were no unneeded shots at Trump. An illustration of the application of the rules when applied to powerful men and outspoken women. Explain why Trump should not be used as an example of a powerful man abusing Twitter rules of conduct, don’t complain that he fits the bill.

      • Hey there genius. Just what exact rules of conduct did Trump abuse? You people are sick in the head and nasty idiots. Accept that this is how it is and help #MAGA instead of knocking who the majority obviously wanted. AND…..stay on task. Wasn’t this about Rose? You just can’t shut it can you? I’m not impressed whatsoever that the writer is a “lawyer”…in fact just the opposite. A badass woman lawyer who thinks she is god(dess). Give me a break.

        • .Ummm…… Hillary had the majority vote…. Trump only won the electoral vote. The majority vote for Hillary. Maybe use facts for arguments next time.

          And it wasn’t out of line to mention Trump in this article. Rose spoke out against men using their power in taking advantage of women. Is talking about another man who uses his power to assault women by “grabbing them by their pu$$y,” really out of line for this article. Because to me, it seems like a logical addition to the article.

  6. McGowan is an attention seeking has-been. I don’t really believe anything she says these days.

  7. I support Rose but isn’t it kind of bad to post people’s phone numbers on Twitter? I’m sure she didn’t mean to & they should have just told her to take down the tweet but you also can’t to keep the account active because then people call the number right? So they had to just temporarily lock it?

    Footnote: I think Twitter’s most obvious blunder is allowing Trump to have an account.

    In this Rose case I kind of understand why they locked it temporarily. It doesn’t seem like she meant to post the phone number.

  8. Ms. McGowan we may not agree on some things, but on this issue I am ride or die with you. Sunlight has always been the best disinfectant and these creeps and lowlifes must be revealed and thank you for being brave enough to lead the charge! Your moment of courage to speak up is now rumbling the world and they are running scared! Stay strong and know you did and are doing the right thing. May those without a voice find it through your strength and courage.

  9. Google this Long list of Jewish Child Molestor Rabbis gets no media coverage and Jewish homosexual pedophiles are undisturbed.

  10. She did violate the rules. She shared a screenshot from an email with a private cell phone number on it.

        • Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Trump announce the phone number at rally? I can’t find any evidence that it had anything to do with Twitter. If I am wrong, again please clarify, but if not, please stop posting false information just to support your agenda because that only brings you down to his level.

      • Don’t know why the author of this article even brought the President into this. This is supposed to be about Rose and her ordeal, not anyone else.

  11. this isnt a white man thing its a JEWISH Babylon Talmud pedophilia pedo gate hillary emails podesta emials thing. Google it

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