One in ten Bernie Sanders busters voted for Trump. Millions more voted third party. Then there’s the rest that just stayed home. You can throw out Russia, throw out Comey…throw out the Trumpists – it was the blind obstinacy and entitlement of these fuckfaces that ultimately cost Hillary Clinton the election. Fine. They made their choice and choices have consequences. A craven, paranoiac, soulless lunatic is now the leader of the free world due to their action or inaction. They have lost their moral high ground. They are not allowed to comment on single payer health insurance for all, immigration, support for the rights of the vulnerable and oppressed, free college, the rise of white supremacy, the NFL protests, the government’s abandonment of Puerto Rico…or Harvey Weinstein. They gave up that right on election day when, in essence, they voted for Trump. Whether they pulled the lever for him or not – they voted for him.

Today, Donald Trump signed an executive order which will dismantle a key element of Obamacare, allowing healthy people to opt out of their insurance for cheaper options, leaving the very sick to pick up the tab.

A far cry from the pipe dream of single payer.

Susan Sarandon tweets her support for the victims of Harvey Weinstein, yet she helped a self-admitted sexual predator reach the highest office in the land. She has no right.

Now, I know some of you say we talk too much about the Bernie or busters, at The Z Review, that we should look forward into the future and try to bridge the divide between the so-called ‘progressives’ and ‘neoliberals’ – I say nay. If there is to be closure, if there is to be progress, first there must be accountability, and thus far there has been none on the part of busters….zip…zero…zilch. In fact, I’ve heard far more Republicans lamenting this administration and their part in its inception than any acknowledgement of responsibility from either Bernie Sanders or his parrot brained devotees. If anything, they are only more intractable…unrepentant. Hillary was an evil shill, a Wall Street stooge, a murderer. She was just as bad as Trump.


Just as bad as a man who bragged about sexual assault…who sides with white supremacists over peaceful protestors…who lets Puerto Rico twist in the wind…who signs executive orders that will impact negatively upon our nation’s health or the future of young ‘dreamers’…who guts the EPA…who threatens our very existence with his lunatic provocations of North Korea.

Yeah…Hillary was just as bad.

Bernie or busters are worse than Trumpists, because they ostensibly espouse a progressive ideology. They are not rural rubes — this only makes them twice as ignorant and infuriating. Donald Trump’s fans have a congenital affliction – they were born with limited capacity. In other words, they’ve got shit for brains. Busters, on the other hand, should know better. Unfortunately, their purist, pork belly, artisanal, kale fart obtuseness blinds them to the realities of life. They have siloed themselves in their echo chambers. Well, fuck you, Sunshine. Life is messy…you can detox after the war has been won – and there is a war…and it’s not with us ‘neoliberals’.

Now, here’s what you can do to redeem yourselves, busters – go out and vote in 2018. And, when I mean vote – not for some third party candidate who can’t win…vote for the Democrats in your district. Let’s get a foothold before we ask for perfection. Until then, bow your heads in shame – you don’t get out of the dunce’s corner or get to weigh in on the issues of the day until we get a majority in congress.


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  1. Wow you commenters really are like Russian bots…delusional and brainwashed. You just keep following that egomaniac old man who has not a single thing to show for her illustrious career besides a women-fantasize-about-rape essay, a pro-life agenda, and a “planned parenthood is the establishment” policy. Like his hero, Donald Trump, he refuses to release his taxes. Word is he is tied to Russian money and worse. But you just keep worshipping him and demonizing the most qualified candidate ever to run for the office of President because you have mommy issues and can’t support a woman even if she’s qualified. And you might want to lay off the Russian propaganda and get some facts, because you look like a bunch of uneducated fools. Fools.

  2. Angel Williams on

    This has to be the worst piece of garbage ever written. It is not misogynistic to hold HRC accountable for her actions. How dare you compare non Hillary supporters to a sexual predator. She lost because she was a horrible candidate period. She was in contact with Weinstein during the campaign did she return the millions in donations he gave? she attacked the same woman you claim to defend when her husband was the accused. Please stop writing you suck at it

  3. So I guess from these comments that still a nope on taking responsibility. I love the threats that “you’ll” keep losing like these people have another planet to go live on when the GOP ruins this one.

    • Bernie sanders on

      The whole point of my comment was that Hillary and the DNC should take responsibility for losing to trump as it was the DNC that conspired to choose Hillary. They alone should take the brunt of this. I’d quite like to stay on this planet so if you could step out of your bubble it would be much appreciated.

      • Bernie got crushed in the primaries by HRC fair and square even with the assistance of my Russian intelligence efforts on Facebook, Twitter, and Pokeman Go(!) to sway ignorant white nationalists and ignorant left wing socialists like you. But it did enough damage to HRC that I only had to change votes in a few close states to give the election to my boy Trump.

  4. Trump is the direct result of the ignorance of Clinton supporters.

    Furthermore, Hillary enabled Weinstein by treating the monster as a human being and, legitimizing his power and stature, which he used to systematically rape young woman.

    Hillary is a complete phony, who could care less about anything but herself, money and her donors.

  5. Hillary murdered thousands of people. Or are you conveniently forgetting that? What she did as SOS?

  6. “Hillary was an evil shill, a Wall Street stooge, a murderer. She was just as bad as Trump.”

    True, and a woman who defended a child rapist, lives with a rapist, harassed his victims, aided and abetted him getting more victims, helped with policies that hurt all women…the list goes on and on. She is just as much a part of rape culture as her hubby.

  7. What the heck kind of bs opinion piece is this? You are comparing us to rapists? Because we don’t support a corrupt woman who fixed the primaries? You really think people are so stupid they would fall for that? LMAO. Another misogynist at work trying to pretend s/he isn’t. Put your name to your bs.

  8. The DNC and Hillary Clinton fraudulently conspired to defeat the most popular and strongest candidate against Trump and it’s our fault Hillary lost? And by the way, I’ll comment on whatever, whoever, whenever I want. By the way, I love raw Kale salad, can I send you the recipe? And you probably think Hillary was in Syria for humanitarian reasons? Or taking Saudi money to promote sexual equality and gay rights in the Kingdom?

  9. Bernie sanders on

    No blame for Hillary or the Democratic Party? Keep on like this and you’ll keep on losing elections.

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