Yes, Amazon has just announced a new Kindle Oasis e-reader, just a week or so after releasing a whole new family of Alexa-enabled home control units. This is the one we’ve been waiting all year for, and we can say that finally some prayers have been answered. The screen is larger, and it’s waterproof.

There are two bigger surprises, however. Finally, you can choose to have more memory, up to 32 GB. Why on earth would you need all that for notoriously small eBooks? Why, friend, because now you can download and play Audible audiobooks over Bluetooth – result! For years, we’ve been wondering why Amazon hasn’t done more to support Audible for Kindle fans. The colour Fire tablets have had Audible support since day one. Now the discrepancy is gone.

Regular readers may know we’ve been a fan of the Kindle Voyage for some time. It was much cheaper than the old Oasis, and it offered something the Oasis didn’t have: a light sensor so that it can automatically adjust the front light settings for you. Believe me, once you’ve used that, you’ll never go back. So thankfully the sensor is also now on the new Oasis.

It doesn’t stop there. The awful battery boosting case has been ditched, yet the onboard battery has been enlarged such that the new device has more life than even the old one including its case. And the loss of the case means the basic Kindle Oasis is now much cheaper than it used to be: £229.99 or $249.99 with 8 GB of memory. The 32 GB model is £259.99 / $279.99 and with 3G, which we strongly recommend if you often read outside the home, is £319.99 / $349.99. There is no 3G option for the 8 GB model.

Here’s some of the other reasons we like Kindle.

Thanks to TechRadar for the prompt unboxing.

And also on The Guardian too.

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  1. People still use “e-ink” style kindles? (Actually, my wife does). I find the Kindle Fire with the black background white text setting works great and is easy on the eyes – brightness high during day, dimmest in dark.

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