At this point, it’s safe to say that Donald Trump has lost the confidence of pretty much everyone, save his core supporters. You know, the congenitally confused contingent of America which constitutes about 30 per cent of the population. Of course, those muldoons would support anyone as long as they were white, male and preferably racist.

NBC News reported Wednesday that during a gathering this past summer of the nation’s highest-ranking national security leaders, Donald said he wanted to increase our nuclear arsenal tenfold. After the meeting, Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson was overheard calling the president a fucking moron. Tillerson doesn’t deny this.

NBC piece says that the presidential advisers in attendance, among them the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, were surprised by Trump’s suggestion and tried to explain to him its severe ramifications.

For the record, Trump says it’s just more ‘fake news’.

He later added, that he will be seeking to pull NBC’s license – whatever that means.

So, this is where we are – mired in a gelatine meat malaise of abject stupidity, malfeasance, obfuscation and blather.

I’ve been following politics all my life, and I’ve never seen Republicans turn on their own to such an extent. Of course, most of the grumbling has been behind closed doors, but it does seem like the micro fissures have turned into veritable cracks in the foundation. This raises the question – how long will it take before the GOP leadership decides they can no longer hang in there with this buffoon? My guess, is that they’re going to see what happens with the tax plan. After all, that’s what they’ve been salivating over since the election. Those Republicans, God love ‘em, they’d even risk our annihilation just to give a few extra bucks to the super rich. You’ve gotta admire that sort of craven single mindedness.

I say, let both parties in congress hash out a backroom deal, where the Republicans get their precious tax cut, but then they have to support impeachment after special counsel comes through with the dirt.

I suppose we will remain in this absurd holding pattern until then, and hope Mueller finds sufficient grounds for his removal.

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