Last night, the new season of the HBO comedy series “Curb Your Enthusiasm” premiered, six years after the last season ended. Nothing has changed.

When the last season ended, and nothing was announced for another year or so, I thought that was probably it for the show. Eight seasons is a great run, and the show’s star and creator, Larry David, seemed to be looking for greener pastures.

His character had already hired a prostitute so that he could drive in the carpool lane, so it’s kind of all gravy after that. The show never broke any new ground, and my assumption was that David had tired of its premise – a socially inept and empathy-free man terrorizes Los Angeles, one broken social convention at a time.

When it was announced last year that the show would return, I was overjoyed. I worried, however, that after such a long hiatus, the formula might be a little rusty, and Larry David himself might just phone it in, collect his check and go home.

I am pleased to report that the premiere was side-splittingly funny. I can also report that it broke absolutely no new ground whatsoever, and it might as well be the next day after the season eight finale.

The story, as it were, was the usual threadbare excuse for a plot. Larry spent the hiatus writing a musical comedy called “Fatwa!” He also failed to hold the door open for someone, and his personal assistant, played by Carrie Brownstein of “Portlandia,” hasn’t come into work due to a bout with constipation.

None of it matters. The entire point of the show is watching Larry David offend people and, when called on it, refuse to apologize or let it go. In that regard, fans will be happy to know that there’s no reason to expect any deviations from the formula for the rest of the season, even though the episode ended with the Iranian Ayatollah declaring a fatwa on Larry.

If this disappoints you, or you were expecting something different after a six-year hiatus, then your expectations were not realistic. Larry will never change, and he will habitually alienate people as he expects the world to conform to his personal rules and regulations about how life should operate.

As a fan of the show, I couldn’t be happier that after all these years, Larry David has undergone exactly no personal growth, and has completely ignored the consequences of his own shitty behavior. I am eager to watch the rest of the season with my hands covering my eyes, screaming “Shut up, Larry!” and “Let it go, Larry!” at the TV, knowing full well that he will do neither.

Welcome back, Larry David. Your room is just the way you left it. Welcome home.

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Welcome back, Larry David. Your room is just the way you left it. Welcome home.

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