Elle Reeve is a journalist with Vice News. You may recognize her from her recent exposé on the white supremacists who converged on Charlottesville to protest the removal of a confederate statue — and be a bunch of intimidating, racist, anti-semitic fuckfaces. She is without a doubt a brave one. She’s also got the skills to pay the bills. Her thoughts are well expressed, her delivery is matter-of-fact and her intelligence and ability to get what she needs out of an interview is obvious. In short, she’s a winner with a big career ahead of her. Of course, Vice News as an institution is problematic. Its history is steeped in sketchiness. They’re obviously attempting to transition to a more respectable plane. Fine. As far as I’m concerned, they’ll always be a skeevy outpost, but whatever.

Now…Elle Reeve.

I’ve been noticing, on social media and from a mouthy handful of insensitive acquaintances, some unkind remarks on your appearance — particularly about your oversized glasses and challa bread hairdo. I just want you to know that I find these comments morally reprehensible. They all come, of course, from dim-witted, misogynistic male-types that wouldn’t recognize a great look if it bit them on their hairy behinds. I personally love the way you look. I give props to anyone who would have the guts to cop the style of the gummi bear girl at the end of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Such imagination…such sartorial foresight. I think, and don’t take this as stalkery or inappropriate, I think I may be in love. Now, I know you’re a young woman and I’m a man of a certain age, but I believe under the right circumstances…ah screw it, it’s just a hare-brained fantasy.

Elle Reeve is a hero. She is a formidable journalist who’s fighting and winning in a male dominated game. She is also a fashion forward badass. I admire her Helga from Hagar the Horrible aesthetic. In fact, I think she could go even further. If her nose was a bit larger, I’d even say go with the XXX large frames. They are a bold and delightful statement as is her cornsilk Viking ‘do.

One should never disparage another’s looks. Keep it to yourself. It’s not fun and it’s not funny – especially when it’s a man commenting on a woman. It’s just a mark of insecurity and immaturity. You’re all just a bunch of dipsydoodles, probably suffering from clinical penis envy.

Now, some say her appearance is calculated. That it’s a gimmick she’s affected to stand out amongst her other journos…that her aim is to become ‘that reporter with the big glasses’. I say, so what! I mean, look at Anderson Cooper and his stupid white hair. He could easily dye that shit. But no, he wanted to become the ‘silver fox’. And he’s gay on top of it! Well…he says he is, anyway. Who knows if that’s just a lie to get ratings. These media types are all looking for an angle. Take Ana Navarro for instance…she’s the Republican that hates Trump. And Jeffrey Lord, he’s the cock holster for Reagan’s ghost. There’s plenty of shtick to go around. Elle Reeve’s enormous bargain bin glasses and Aryan appeal are no less contrived than, let’s say, Jake Tapper’s irritating speaking voice or Wolf Blitzer’s name.

It’s simply not fair to single her out.

Bottom line, it is asinine to criticize this talented woman on her choice of eye wear. So, go on with your bad self Elle Reeve – I’m with you all the way!


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  1. I have no problem with her having big glasses–they’re in fashion now, right? My objection is to the style. The shape draws your eyes downward, so that she seems to have droopy eyes, a weak chin, and an underbite. Take the glasses off and all of those problematic areas might go away…or at least not be so noticeable.

    I’m not a small-dicked misogynist. I’m a grown woman who also wears glasses and braided hair, and I’m no great shakes in the looks department. She is objectively prettier than I am, and yet she has chosen the world’s most unflattering eyeglasses, an accessory that, as a television reporter, is impossible to miss.

  2. I think she’s quite lovely. It’s not just the natural ease with which she carries herself physically. She’s articulate, confident and quite clearly intelligent. I find that all highly attractive. She’s a long career ahead of her. Journalism is pretty shitty now of days and Vice news is amongst the worst. Hopefully she’ll use them then move along.

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