A young woman was killed and 19 others injured on Saturday when James Alex Fields, a 20-year-old white supremacist plowed his car into a crowd of people protesting the hate gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia. It was an act of terrorism, plain and simple, no different than any murderous act committed by, who are President loves to call, ‘radical Islamic terrorists.’ So, what was Trump’s response to this heinous crime…this senseless death? He condemned the violence coming from ‘many sides.’

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides ― on many sides,” Trump said at a ceremony for the signing of a bill to reform the Veterans Affairs health care system. “It’s been going on for a long time in our country, not Donald Trump, not Barack Obama. It’s been going on for a long, long time.”

For a man who has been unequivocal in his criticism of a Gold Star Family, the media, the Pope, his own staff, and a host of celebrities including, Rosie O’Donnell, Meryl Streep and Mika Brzezinski (all women) it’s breath taking that he cannot take a solid stand against the alt-right.

Trump has been roundly blasted for his failure – once again – to be a decent human being. Even his own Party is bewildered by his statement. GOP Senator Lindsey Graham said, he must “dissuade these (hate) groups that he’s their friend.” And Marco Rubio said on Twitter, “Very important for the nation to hear [President Trump] describe events in Charlottesville for what they are, a terror attack by white supremacists.” Even the Mooch thinks “he would have needed to have been much harsher as it related to the white supremacists.”

So, what’s the deal? Why is Donald seemingly unable to say a bad word about these hate mongers? Simple – they’re his people. As David Duke said yesterday, “It was White Americans who put you in the presidency, not radical leftists.” And by ‘white Americans’ he means racists. It’s the plain truth – Trump’s following is largely comprised of racist, misogynistic, xenophobic homophobes. Now, would the majority of them resort to murder to get their point across? No. But in supporting Trump, they are all tacitly complicit in yesterday’s act, for it is the President himself who empowers these groups to carry out their nefarious agenda.

Donald Trump is a craven, spineless, narcissist – he would never turn his back on the people that support him. At this point, they’re all he’s got left. The reality is, he no longer has the backing of the majority of Americans…he is, however, the de facto leader of the alt-right movement. The grand dragon of our nation’s white supremacist contingent. David Duke was absolutely right – these people are the ones that got him elected.

And he will forever be in their debt.

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