America is still a nation full of racists. Despite the right-wing’s claims to the contrary, it’s really not a subject up for debate. Saturday night, thousands of hate mongers will gather in Charlottesville, Virginia to protest the removal of Confederate monuments. Police are saying as many as 2,000 – 6,000 white nationalists will attend what some are calling the largest hate gathering of its kind in decades in the United States. To be sure, having Trump as our president has emboldened the alt-right. In point of fact, he is their leader – their patron saint. So, once again, we are forced to confront the inherent, indefatigable ignorance in our country. The reality is, our prejudice is elemental – it is part and parcel to who we are. We are a hate-filled and hateful nation. Throughout our history, we’ve fought against it, on the battle field and the polling booth, to no avail. They will always rise again, these despicable fuckers, like a zombie horde – they are seemingly unconquerable.

The truth is, the rational segment of the white population has become weary of it all. Sure, we have our activists fighting on the front lines, but far too many have retreated…watching haplessly as our country devolves, succumbs to its most poisonous inclinations, impulses and proclivities. At best, we post an occasional ineffectual rant about it on social media. But by and large, we’ve tuned out. For African Americans, it’s the same old situation – as immutable as the tides. They’ve long accepted the fact that they’re on their own. They are a people under siege and always will be. It’s a disastrous state of affairs. It’s also how Donald Trump won.

When Barack Obama was elected president, it delivered a psychic blow to the racist contingent in this country. For eight years, they stewed in their discontent, pickling their brains with the divisive rhetoric of their icons. Now they’ve taken their country back – they’re making America white again. But to blame them would be like blaming the village idiot. No, we on the left have only ourselves to blame. We let it all happen, despite seeing the writing on the wall in giant neon letters. Instead of uniting against Trump, we fought amongst ourselves. We took our eye off the real enemy. Most revolting of all, many white ‘progressives’ turned against Barack Obama…saying he had not done enough to advance their agenda. More sheep…more pickled brains. Their obsession with identity politics and small ball thinking has splintered the Democratic party…weakened it to the point of irrelevance. The right, on the other hand, stands stronger and more united than ever.

The time for petty bickering is over. While people quibble over the legalization of pot, identity politics and college tuition, we are losing the big war. All the details can be hammered out after we take back our nation from the vast legion of imbeciles currently in control. The only way we have a hope of doing so is to vote as one. Can we do it? It’s unclear. Will we be able to make the concessions necessary to consolidate our troops? It will be a bitter pill to swallow for many, but if we don’t, we have no chance of victory in 2018 or beyond. It’s time to face facts – this is our last stand. This is our moment. We either come together or hand this nation over to the troglodytes.

Time is running out.

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